MY CREATIVE SPACE…when a party lives on…

Long after a party is over at our house, the theme seems to live on for quite some time. It’s the same with every party. I could never justify the expense or effort on things that would never be used again, so maybe that’s the reason that the Japanese influence is still strong at FGB headquarters.

We repeated the blossom tree craft last week at playgroup and each and every birthday card leaving our house in the last month has looked very much like this one….

A ‘how to make a paper crane’ tutorial was the Show & Tell last week along with a paper crane for each child in the class – I did mention she was obsessed didn’t I?! We now have them hanging along the kitchen window also and some gorgeous little origami hearts were made for each of us on Valentine’s Day.

Last week, just to use our asian soup spoons we had Chicken & Sweet Corn soup for dinner and on the
menu almost every day for lunch at the moment…

Cherry blossom sandwiches anyone?*

And I can’t forget Japanese Poker. Of course, as mentioned previously, all party decos stay up in the shed until the next party and once a month Mr FGB has a poker night in the shed. So this month the boys enjoyed Japanese rice snacks, Japanese lollies along with some Japanese beer and according to their fortune cookies, not all of them were going home rich men.

Do you find this happens at your house after a party….or is it just me? Maybe after all of the effort it takes, I just can’t let go?

How do you let your creative juices flow? Head over here to see some others.

* We did this another day with beetroot dip and open sandwiches – pink blossoms! A bit of creative fun never goes astray – we must amuse ourselves whenever we can and right now – I really only have room to move in the small things :)
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  1. says

    Such a good party theme. I think the cherry blossom tree is beautiful…. I'd keep it going to! I tend to leave party decorations up for ages as well, especially since we put so much hard work into them!

  2. says

    The cherry blossum sandwiches are just a hoot. Love.<br /><br />I am the same about a party theme lingering, but mostly because I can never be arsed to take the decorations down for months… same, same, different!! x

  3. says

    heheee, that is so funny!<br />I can just imagine the &quot;blokes&quot; playing poker, snacking on cherry blossom sandwiches &amp; fortune cookies!<br /><br />great theme, no wonder it&#39;s still going.<br /><br />outside I still have lanterns hanging &amp; the happy birthday bunting which I REALLY should remove.<br />♥

  4. says

    Love it. I especially love that the party theme can be applied on so many fronts with food, art, show and tell! I think paper cranes are great and can&#39;t wait &#39;til my kids are old enough to enjoy folding them. I haven&#39;t quite got to the stage where I can keep the party theme happening long after my kids birthdays (lots of fairy bread, princesses, dinosaurs still). You&#39;re inspiring

  5. says

    I totally understand. Two weeks after the cowboys and indians party the outside table is still covered with other people&#39;s plates, bowls and chairs. I wore my cowboy boots and press-stud shirt to a life drawing class last night, and the kids are running around the house with toy guns for the first time ever (they are going to be accidentally run over tomorrow). The bunting is in a pile to be

  6. says

    Yep, mine stay up because I&#39;m lazy, we always have a few buntings hanging around the place. Balloons gradually shrivel and we don&#39;t even notice, till someone asks what they are for :/<br />Maybe you could work the Japanese theme into Easter?

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