- Dappled sunlight and home made healthy icypoles. Put in any combination of pureed fruit or yoghurt and you can give them to your children any time of day and give them seconds and even thirds with no guilt at all.*

- The sweet and strong waft of mint as I brush past the overgrown & ever expanding plants on the way to the clothesline every day. Every….single….day…multiple…times do I tread that well worn path to the clothesline.

- Mr FBG being home for two whole actual weekends in a row and today makes the third ….. heaven…. and something we haven’t had for longer than I can remember. Not sure if he feels quite the same, as he spent the whole day last Saturday pruning the trees around our yard that were suffering from years of neglect … I’m grateful that things are finally starting to get ‘done’ around here!
What are you grateful for?

* a few people have asked me about these recently – you just buy the moulds at your local supermarket. You can get fancy and do rainbow stripes with multiple fruits or lazy and pour in ready made fruit juice. The BEST is pureed mango..mmmmm.
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    Lovely! Homemade icypoles are the best, the kids love them and they're natural! You and Mr. FGB should take some of that mint and make mint dulips (you know that cocktail?) and enjoy your grown up time together :)

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    Oh jealous of the mint, our is only just starting to germinate & i LOVE mint so willing it to grow like crazy. Enjoy your husband, i've had mine for 3 weekends this year & that's it until Easter, sigh, we have to travel to him to see him as he's saving up leave for next year when we want to start building. He did just find out he gets 6 return flights to see us each year,

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    Monkey just saw that first pic and has now trotted off to the freezer to get the pear juice ones I was &#39;hiding&#39; (or at least I thought I was hiding!)<br />And hooray for the whole family together – nice!!<br />have a great weekend<br />xxxCate

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    I&#39;m loving your icy poles. We have the Tupperware icy pole makers and they have been worth their weight in gold this summer! Although it hasn&#39;t been terribly hot, we&#39;ve had apple juice, orange juice, yoghurt, mango (yes, mango!) and pretty much anything else that I&#39;ve got in the fridge! Guilt-free winners!<br /><br />And hubby home is bliss isn&#39;t it? Glad to know some things

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    Three weekends home in a row, what bliss for you and your kids!! Its amazing how much that sort of thing can make all the difference in life (and in the garden too by the sounds of it!) <br /><br />Homemade icy poles were my favourite as a child! Mum had the moulds with the straw in the base as well! My favourite flavour was stewed plums. My parents used to stew and bottle plums whole and we

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