* for teamwork – now that Mr FGB is around a lot more, I’m really appreciating the value of being a team in this parenting gig. You can do so much more when you are not spread quite so thinly.

* for breathing – I feel like I can breathe slowly again. Exhale. Not feeling quite so restricted. I’m still living a very busy life, but it feels like a rather dreamy, surreal & blissful existence at the moment – I’m waiting for the bubble to burst – is that sad?

* for hindsight – though it’s never fun while you’re in the thick of it, when looking back over tough times you can see how they have moulded and shaped you into who you have become and help you to appreciate the good times all the more!

* for the gorgeous handmade heartshaped crocheted garland giveaway that I won from the talented Lioness Lady – I’m loving the splash of color it brings – thanks so much!

What are you grateful for this Saturday?

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  1. says

    That bubble bit is a bit sad, Em. Just ride the wave and don&#39;t ever think about the crash!<br /><br />I couldn&#39;t do any of it if I wasn&#39;t part of a dynamic team myself. x

  2. says

    don&#39;t wait for the bubble to burst! keep breathing it all in<br /><br />you have an amazing list of gratefuls – isn&#39;t this a fab linky!<br /><br />I love the teamwork bit – this is a very good thing<br /><br />Gill xo

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    The garland is beautiful. But I shouldn&#39;t have looked at your post with my kids next to me, because now they want one. And I&#39;ve already promised to crochet them an elephant, a penguin, a dog and a train….

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