- for some color amongst the chaos.

- for that little bit of hope that perhaps things may be different for a while…

Monday marks the beginning of big changes in Mr FGB’s work environment. We’ve been waiting for this for the last 6 months. Coming off the back of working 21 days straight, I have all my fingers crossed that this will be just what we need.

- For the splashes of color and moments of laughter and contentedness in amongst the overwhelming busyness that threatens to pull me under so very often.

- for such a kind and giving husband who, among many other things, miraculously managed to take the afternoon off work (unheard of!) on Monday to look after 3 kids while their Mum couldn’t get out of bed due to a very bad case of gastro – thanks Frog!

- for friends and family who “understand” and who help me stay afloat. Thanks.

- and for Maxabella who each week makes me look at the world in a glass half full kind of way.

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    urgh – I hate gastro!!! Give me a cold,tonsillis or even nice bout of flu any day, but just don&#39;t give me gastro! <br />Hope you are feeling better – what a nice hubby you have (I hope you didn&#39;t pass it on :-))<br />have a great weekend<br />xxxCate

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    Oh… hope you&#39;re feeling better – I always find it takes me a while to get my energy back again after gastro… I also need those reminders to find the &quot;glass half full&quot; perspective, and still feel surprised sometimes how blogging has helped with that. Take care x

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    Thank you, Emma. I have a feeling you&#39;re a glass half full kinda gal all on your own!<br /><br />Glad you have Mr FGB&#39;s work situation sorted. So stressful for you all. I am amazed that you managed to stage such an AMAAAZING party like your Japanese theme all on your own.<br /><br />Now that the gastro and the work is sorted, I hope you have many, many more colourful, artful, playful

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    Oh, Emma, you&#39;ve been having a rough trot, my dear. I hope the work changes for Mr FGB are tolerable. And I fervently hope you&#39;ve recovered from your horrible gastro, you poor darling. Sending you a Hobart ♥. J x

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    I hope hubbys new work schedule is just the ticket for you and your family. I know all to well the feeling of being pulled under by how hectic my life is at the moment sole parenting, so I completely empathise with you.<br />I am so glad you have such wonderful friends and family there for you. Love from Cat

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