One good thing about all this rain we’ve been having is that the vegie garden has not required too much attention this summer. I was planning on letting it go dormant this summer and let the nastursiums run rampant, as last summer it just seemed too much effort to water it regularly to keep it alive. But the rain has meant I could still give it a go with minimal effort.

I planted my baby tomatoes…(well, actually my Mum did as they’d been sitting in their punnets in the laundry for weeks & I was never going to get around to it!)….back in November
- I remember hearing once not to plant your tomatoes until after Melbourne Cup Day.
With all of the rain, the plants themselves have thrived, even if the fruit was a little slow. Possibly the last tomatoes to ripen in the whole of Melbourne, we have finally had our first ripe baby tomatoes! A few weeks ago, I added some basil, parsley and marigolds alongside the tomatoes. A few lettuces and a pumpkin had self- seeded, along with some additional tomato plants. The self-seeding tomatoes have so far produced the most fruit…interesting…

However, pride of place in our vegie garden at the moment goes to a tall and luscious silverbeet plant that you no doubt don’t remember me mentioning that Goose planted as a seed at the school gardening club last year. She had thought it was a beetroot….close enough ;) She’s still proud.

This cheeky little Frog doesn’t even like eating tomatoes, but came over from the sandpit (note the state of the hands) to see what I was doing and to pose for a photo.

Her big sister Goose, does however quite enjoy the little tomatoes. So much so that when I sent her outside to collect some last night, I glanced out the window to see her eating the lot! Oh, I didn’t know you meant you wanted me to collect them for the dinner…..!” she said.

Do you have a vegie patch this summer? How is it going?

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