This week we have been having a bit of fun with the old fashioned tin can! We made our own telephone.

Not quite as loud as I thought but I was surprised when it did actually work. The trick is making sure the string is as taut as possible. I also read somewhere that if you attach a button to the inside of the can it enhances the noise slightly, which it did.

I’m playing along again with We Play at Childhood 101. So many great ideas for kids and play!

As sometimes happens, on the odd occasion at our house, this telephone is now on a high, high shelf…

… because I got a little sick of seeing faces like this and hearing the noises that accompanied it…

Does that ever happen at your house?

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    I can hear there little voices, (insert Childs name) threw, hit,hurt me. Yes, have the same problem here. But supervised it is a fun activity. We did the bubble bath over the school holidays when it rained for 6 weeks straight.

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    Wow, I had no idea this actually works! What fun! This would be a great activity at school, too, I will file it away for the future.<br /><br />BTW, thanks so much for the link to the minieco blog – I love it! I immediately fell in love with the knit ankle bells project. Will definitely be making that ASAP. Thanks again!

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    I&#39;ve never heard the trick about the button! The taut string – I get the physics of that – but the button amplifier I&#39;m going to have to think about that one!!<br />xxxCate

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    Sounds like a great idea! Although I totally relate to the &quot;high shelf&quot; problem – all our tennis racquets, hockey sticks and other such items end up there!!

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    I&#39;ve found that a high shelf is sometimes not enough – sometimes it has to be the very back of the top of my wardrobe without them knowing – because the 21 month old, just like the 3 that came before her – is a climber! And quite a tantrummer too!

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    So cool, Em! We have these, but I hadn&#39;t heard of the button trick. Plus, I reckon our attempt to talk around corners is probably letting us down somewhat…!? x

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    What good fun:) It&#39;s a shame that the arguments come along with something so cool we&#39;ve had to hide quite a few things in this house too, children gotta love them. xo

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