Yesterday we recycled our old crayons into fun new crayons that the children are now fighting over.

First it involved a lot of peeling, but surprisingly this was the part they enjoyed the most. We placed the broken crayons into some small silicone muffin trays. We also made some heart shaped crayons using a heart shaped silicone ice cube tray.* The possibilities for shapes are endless.

We put them into a 130 degree oven for approx 8 minutes, put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then just popped them out of the moulds. See here for more detailed instructions.

They work very well when doing rubbings…

…and apparantly can also double as glasses!

It may have just become my new favorite party favor or gift for kids!

Via some new favorite blogs, I have recently discovered another new great blog called Childhood 101 and every Tuesday people link up their posts about kids & play. Head on over there for some playful inspiration!

and on Thursdays a little more creativity is shared over at Kootoyoo.

* I was concerned that the silicone ice cube tray may not work in the oven, but it was not a problem at all, maybe due to the low heat. Certainly can’t guarantee that all silicone ice cube trays would work, as there are no doubt different qualities out there! There are so many fun & interestingly shaped silicone ice cube trays on ebay. Probably a good idea not to use the trays for anything edible afterwards though….

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  1. says

    I have those heart shaped ikea trays and will definitely do this! I'll have to start a 'crayon box' when I'm clearing the clutter – we've got plenty of crayons around here.

  2. says

    Hi Emma,<br /><br />The crayons look great. You have inspired me. I have collected bits of crayon with a plan to do this &quot;one day&quot;, but am yet to get started. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. says

    did you actually put the icecube trays in the oven? I read recently on UK lass in US that she used them in the microwave – but that it wasn&#39;t as good because the colours mixed together too much…but I wouldn&#39;t have thought you could put them in the oven. I hope you did – because the selection of icecube trays is much better and cheaper :-)<br />xxxCate

  4. says

    What a clever idea! The pic of all those discarded covers are kind of pretty too. The colors look awesome in the melted crayons. Something so magical about childhood. We are lucky when we get to have children. it is like having a second childhood all over again.

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    Thanks for the great tutorial! I have wanted to make homemade crayons for a long time, but I&#39;d always thought it had to be done on the stovetop, which sounded messy and a nuisance. I tried your muffin tin method and it was so easy! We love the results! (I used silicone cupcake holders, but plan to use the fun shaped ice-cube versions next time). I think next time I will also try to swirl them

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    I love making these too. I made some for the girls and recently made them to put in party bags for Miss 7&#39;s birthday party. They look pretty too I think and a bit of fun. xo

  7. says

    Had a handful of 4 year olds over yesterday so decided to give this a try. Was great! Apart from the fact that cheap crayons are still cheap crayons even after 130 degrees :-)

  8. says

    they look great! i have been wanting to do this for a while.<br />I have some Ikea ice trays that I might use..fingers crossed they don&#39;t melt.<br /><br />happy day tomorrow ♥

  9. says

    What a fantastic idea! I don&#39;t think I have any silicone trays – might have to borrow one as I sure have a million little crayon bits hanging around that could do with some new playtime! x

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