Otherwise entitled “It’s your birthday chooky-la-la’s and I’m making you a cake..”

This child rarely pauses for breath. There doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone listening for her to continue talking.

At first ‘Scratchy’ & ‘Flappy’ weren’t interested and she was a little disappointed….

so we laced the cake with chicken pellets…

…and they may have been a little too enthusiastic for her liking!

I quite enjoy our times in the backyard.

The little things.

Head on over to Childhood 101 for more kids at play.
Imaginitive play is my favorite.

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  1. says

    Oh that&#39;s soooo cute! Happy birthday Scratchy and Flappy – such fab names. We have Dotty and Freckle (yeah, they&#39;re spotty chooks). <br /><br />And how I love it when little ones just talk non-stop while they play. My 4 yo doesn&#39;t do it quite as much as she used to, but I love it when I overhear her chatting away to herself.

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