We are off tomorrow on a 5 day camping trip with my Mum, sisters and our families, but before we head off I’ll leave you with a little photo of my Japanese Easter Egg.

A little while ago Jacqueline of Zippy Zippy challenged me in my comments to find a way to bring our love of all things Japanese to Easter…well Jacqueline, I found this on Martha Stewart and gave it a go!

I also came across this cute origami chick and bunny to fold.

I’ll be back after the Easter break with photos of that rainbow party as well as a gorgeous pirate party we went to the next day! They were both so well done, I’m quite excited about sharing them with you! It’s also Mr FGB’s birthday tomorrow and the kids & I have a little camping themed party planned.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter full of chocolate and love!

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    You are such a clever cookie, Emma! I'm most impressed – what prettiness. Hmm, maybe it's finally time I hunted down some Mod Podge…J x

  2. says

    Eeek, camping! You are super brave – camping and i dont mix ever since our Year 8 camp when we were forced to spend a week in a place called &#39;Digaloo&#39;! Needless to say, no camping for me since then.<br /><br />Happy Easter to you and your lovely family. :-)

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