It has been a whole year since I first started this blog!

Regular readers will know that I am just a little obsessed with birthday parties…You can see some of my parties here, but to celebrate this bloggy birthday… I’d love to see your parties!

I love trawling through ‘party blogs’ looking for inspiration, however often these parties are super-styled with professional photographers and look like they must have cost an absolute fortune!

I’d love to get together a collection of ‘real life’ DIY parties put on by ‘everyday’ people.

I know lots of you have put on some gorgeous parties for your kids (& yourselves) and I’d love for you to share them here! So, join in and link up any party post you’ve ever done. Tell your friends. Link as many parties as you like and hopefully this will become a resource for other ‘everyday’ Mum’s like me looking for some ‘achievable’ DIY party inspiration!

As has been requested by a few of you, feel free to grab the party linky button on the side bar over there and pop it on your blog.

P.S. Thanks Maxabella for the suggestion!

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    Happy Blog Birthday! Congratulations! <br /><br />This is a great link-up idea, I&#39;m so excited to see what people link up here! I love planning parties too! My best party to date has to be the rainbow birthday party for my daughter&#39;s 3rd birthday last June. I haven&#39;t written about it, though. I keep meaning to. Will try to do it soon so I can add it to your linky party. :-) Are you

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    Hi Emma, Have gone a little crazy and started you off heartily! Hope that&#39;s ok. Thought I&#39;d better link them all up while I was thinking of it. <br />Great idea and happy blog-birthday – it really does feel like I&#39;ve &#39;known&#39; you for more than a year!<br />Keep up the lovely posts!

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    Congratulations one the big blog anniversary Emma! I love the idea of linking our parties. I&#39;ve been through my archives and decided that Jazzy&#39;s day spa party was probably our best…and the cup cake party the year before. I also love a party and look forward to seeing some of the others.

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    Happy 1st blogoversary, Emma! You&#39;ve created such a gorgeous little haven here – well done you. Hmm, will have a think about birthday posts. J x

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    Happy blogiversary! I always love your party posts (I think you could be the master). You and sister Maxabella have a lot in common – just got the invite to her latest kid&#39;s party and it was pretty special! Nugget can not wait (shame it isn&#39;t for another couple of weeks!). Me? I don&#39;t really do &#39;parties&#39;, and those that I have done I have never posted about. Is there a name

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    Happy anniversary! What a fabulous idea to have a &#39;one stop shop&#39; party ideas page. It just so happens I have a birthday party to plan for in May… Thanks for sharing! xx

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    My M&#39;s Camouflage Laser Skirmish Party wasd probably the best…but it isn&#39;t a patch on what you have achieved with your fab fab parties!! TK xx

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    Happy blog birthday! FGB has bought me lots of joy and food for thought (and food for making!) this year and I&#39;m very grateful to you for all of it. <br />Now, I can&#39;t contribute to the party linky – when the Small Girl turned one I made about a million cupcakes, bought lots of bubbles and let them both do their magic – but I will be coming back in a month for some inspiration when she

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    happy bloggy birthday Emma! hope you celebrated in fabulous &quot;Emma&quot; style.<br />i will link up, great idea for the linky.<br />here&#39;s to many more years in blogland ♥

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    I ALWAYS love your parties. So inspirational. Glad I found your party linky! I&#39;ve just had to re-do mine – switch all the links over from linky tools to inlinkz. A bit tedious but all your links are there. Come by and add any new ones you have!<br /><br />PS I have linked up a party or two…<br />Girls 6th birthday Fancy nancy Party; 3 yr old Toy Story Party; 8 yr old boys star wars party

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    Hey, just wondering – does anyone have a standard party planning form/document that you could share? I make a new plan every time, but I&#39;ve realised this is rather redundant. I really should just do it once and reuse it. As I was thinking about what to put on it, it occurred to me that someone else must have already done this, which would save me the bother. Any suggestions/links?

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    Thank you for the opportunity to post my son&#39;s first birthday photos of his owl and the pussy cat party. Maxabella let me know about your fabulous blog and party inspiration. So utterly thrilled to be surrounded by &#39;party crazy mumma&#39;s&#39;! JOY!

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    I have belatedly added a link to our most recent birthday party and will wish you a happy first year of blogging – I can&#39;t believe it&#39;s only been a year you&#39;ve been on the blog scene, feels like you&#39;ve been a must read on my list forever!!

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    Hi Emma! I love all the inspiration you&#39;ve been gathering, and am glad to join in… (now I need another lie-down – still recovering from yesterday&#39;s party!)

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    Hey Emma… I&#39;ve come by to link up my latest crazy party but your lovely linky is closed… is that permanent? Or is there another linky somewhere else??<br /><br />xx

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