In looking through my photo archives recently I came across some photos of these cute and delicious chocolate nests that Granny and I made with the kids a couple of Easters ago.

The recipe is based on that for Chocolate Spiders on the back of a packet of Chang’s Oriental Fried Noodles. (the same place as you’ll find this yummy & easy salad) I adapted this recipe for my Easter nests.


2 tbsp peanut butter
200g chocolate

Melt chocolate & peanut butter together in microwave or stove top. Mix well into a smooth paste. Add noodles and coat the noodles well. Spoon the mixture onto grease-proof paper or into cupcake wrappers. Place a few jelly beans on top of each nest. Place in fridge until set. When they are set, keep in an airtight container.

*I used Jelly Belly Beans as I think they look slightly more like eggs than the usual jelly beans – particularly those speckled ones. I have seen these made with mini easter eggs also. 

 Head over here for a more advanced tutorial with more classy looking nests :)

Head over here to Childhood 101 for some more inspiration for how to entertain the kids these school holidays!

Or, if you are after holiday activity inspiration for children who are 7 years or up – Goose and I are seriously, seriously impressed with this little booklet! Only $5 and you print it out yourself. Seriously good – did I say that already?

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