THE ROYAL WEDDING…last minute printables…

A few last minute impromptu royal wedding watching parties have popped up on our agenda this evening. One for Goose & one for me, so this afternoon we’ve had a little fun with my printer & scissors and these fun last minute and free royal wedding printables! If you are after something to make your royal wedding watching evening a little more fun, then head over here & here & here

How can I manage to fit something so frivilous into my day you ask? Quite simply by leaving a huge pile of dishes on the sink and a floor with barely a clear path to walk through the toys on the floor…. but I’m OK with that!

I heard on the radio today that 35% of the world’s population will be tuning in to this wedding! Where will you be watching this big event?

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    I will be watching with my 9 year old son, who actually understands that this is HISTORY and lovely and fun, unlike my 47 year old husband who really doesn&#39;t get it. He&#39;s away. That&#39;s good! <br />Enjoy your parties!

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    oh sadly i&#39;m not anywhere in the vicinity to join in with a Royal Wedding Party as I&#39;m at work, but its been quiet enough that i could streamline a bit of action now and again on my computer! phew, thank goodness for that! <br />ps – why am i not surprised that you found fabulous printables!!!

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    Oh i watched it &amp; i loved it. My twins were at a friend&#39;s house, her mummy was curled up on the loung with her 3 girls too, gorgeous, while the husband was watching the football. Mine was on a plane, so i had to disappear to the airport, sigh. Love Posie

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