…for ‘big girls’ who decide all on their very own that they will absolutely NOT be wearing nappies any more!

Even though her mother was not at all sure that she was ready – neither the child or the mother who was feeling quite frankly that she just didn’t need this right now! But the child was adamant and to her parents utter surprise, it’s worked! A few accidents, but that’s OK.

I feel like giving her a great big kiss each time she goes just in sheer gratitude and relief of making this so easy!
After so many many exasperating months with the others in this area, I was determined to wait until she was ready in her own time. I just didn’t expect it so soon and just like that, we are out of nappies! Thank you little one – I’m so very grateful as your Mum really needed that right now.

What are you grateful for today?

* Apart from a few days setback when camping when she refused to go behind a tree or in a hole, precious child that she is! We had to bring out the “pink princess pull-ups” & bribe with a few choccie eggs to avoid any more accidents that are just not fun while in the middle of nowhere!

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    Well Done!!!<br />I think you should get lots of hugz and kisses for being such a BIG GIRL.<br /><br />I am grateful that my baby is 38 and I am over potty training. LOL

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    Little Bear (it is Bear, isn&#39;t it? I get the Frog and the Goose and the Bear confused from time to time). What a great effort! They&#39;re ready when they&#39;re ready… that&#39;s my parenting motto. That&#39;s all I got. x

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    Oh, I love this. It&#39;s such a wonderful milestone, and your budget will thank you too. I love it when they take the ownership. It also means that they&#39;d rather get it right than go back to nappies.<br /><br />Noooooo! We don&#39;t want to go there ;)<br /><br />xx

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