That Mr FGB made it home in time for work so that he could look after Goose who was not feeling well at all, so that the rest of us could go to the rainbow party for our 2 year old friend Eliza! Would have been a little bit stuck on my own…

Yes, I am more than OK with my little boy wearing pink (we raided Goose’s old clothes – he even has pink and rainbow undies on as well as the socks which are hard to see in the photo). When you have two sisters you just can’t get away from it. Note to self – don’t pose your kids for photos using props from the garden just prior to leaving for a party as the dirt does come off on clothes (although nothing a bit of spit and polish couldn’t fix!)

We’re all packed with our rainbow chairs in the boot and our rainbow playdough for one of the party activities.

Goose even made a rainbow garland and rainbow necklace for the birthday girl and decorated the paper with Frog’s help and how could we resist a little book on Noah’s Ark. It was the very first rainbow after all!

I’ll be back with more photos of the rainbow party later this week!

Speaking of parties, if you have posted about birthday parties on your blog – I’d love for you to link them up here and share them with us all!

If you are feeling grateful like me, then head on over here and share the love!

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  1. says

    gorgeous!!! Would so love to do a rainbow party one day…have always wanted to try one of those rainbow cakes with all the different coloured layers!!<br />xxxCate<br /><br />PS: linked up a party to your linky :-)

  2. says

    Bear looks great in his rainbow T-Shirt. Would not have known it was Goose&#39;s.<br />Kids looks delighted to be going to their party.

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