Aaargh me hearties…. it’s a Pirate Party!

Earlier this month (where on earth has that time gone?!?!) I promised photos of the magnificant pirate themed party that we went to for my gorgeous nephew’s 5th birthday.

I was very impressed with the superbly stylish simplicity of it all!
There were a number of activities set up for the kids to complete during the course of the party.

First of all they were invited to decorate their own ‘treasure bag’ and then for completing each activity they earned a little gift to put in their treasure bag.

Knock ‘em down game – made by covering tin cans with colored paper and small home made rice bags which Lou made using the same fabric she used to make the bunting.

Digging for gold coins in the sand

Treasure Toss – tossing large silver coins (cardboard wrapped in foil) into an old suitcase.

Walk the Plank (plank of wood set up on bricks) to receive a pirate hat.

Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate (made by our talented sister Clare!)

Amazing Cupcakes made by Lou’s beautiful & talented friend Cathie (I know, how lucky are we?!).

Cakes are the domain of my brother-in-law who always does an impecable job – he even joined the last craft night at Lou’s to finish sewing the sails.

Party bags contained pirate coloring pages, a treasure map, some chocolate coins, a fruit stick, a pirate magnet (made by Lou) & an eyepatch. Plus the kids got to take home the things they’d collected in their ‘treasure bags’ during the activities – bubbles, spinning top, pirate hat, box of sultanas & gold coins.

Many of you will remember my sister Lou – Well of course, being a blogger, she has been kind enough to give us a list of where we too can find many of the ‘pirate’ additions to this party so that we can have our own pirate party! Thanks Lou!

pirate hats – free printable
pirate flags (burger toppers) – free printables

For more DIY party ideas, you might like to head over here to see photos and details of Frog, Goose and Bear’s birthday parties!

Addition 08/12 – I borrowed lots of ideas from my nephew’s pirate party and created one for Bear’s 5th birthday.  You can see the pics here.

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  1. Erin says

    Kudos to Lou for all that wonderful preparation. The kids must have had a ball! And the cake is breasth-taking. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. says

    fabulous party! looks so much fun! great detail, classy and not OTT in a ridiculously expensive type of way. Love the cake too!<br /><br />now I&#39;m late for school drop off. I saw the title in my news feed and HAD to see!

  3. says

    wow! amazing stuff. I can&#39;t believe some of the kids parties I get to see via everyone&#39;s blogs. They put my little parties to shame. I love the pirate boat cake! It looks delicious<br /><br />Gill xo

  4. says

    wow – I heard so much about it at NBC from Cathie and Lou! The pictures just put it all together for me! That pirate ship cake is awesome and all the decorations and themed games are just perfect!! I bet even the adults had a great time! Thanks for sharing and for all those links xx

  5. says

    Completely awesome! Looked like an absolute hoot, for kids and adults alike! The games so cleverly done, the decorations gorgeous (that bunting looks incredible) and the cakes… WOW!<br />Thanks for sharing these ideas. Having 2 boys, I&#39;m sure I&#39;ll have the need one day for some pirate ideas :o)

  6. says

    Love those red and white socks – they match my scarf!<br />I have a 5 &amp; 7 year old party in June. Pirate party might be a good idea. You girls are very clever :)<br />Enjoy your week

  7. says

    Fantabulous! Yay for Lou (and even bigger yays for Mr 5). You know I love a party to remember and this is one that will stay with him always. x

  8. says

    Holy moly – that is so cool!!! Love that bunting!! And everything else too :-)<br />I have another party coming up soon – I think we&#39;ll do a circus theme this time – will keep you posted!<br />xxxCate

  9. says

    What a stunning post, Emma. One I&#39;m bookmarking, for sure. Whilst we&#39;ve already &#39;done&#39; a pirate party, Sammy might want one later. You&#39;re now my &#39;go to&#39; girl! J x

  10. says

    Fantastic! you girls are so clever!! too many good parts to choose a favourite… LOVE it all. <br />Thanks to lou for all the links too… inspiration plus!

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