Finally I can share with you some photos of the wonderfully impressive rainbow party that I mentioned we went to a couple of weeks ago!

The cake was fantastic and was made up of many different cupcakes underneath a slab of icing. M&M’s were used to create the rainbow, marshmallows for the clouds and some chocolate money at the end of the rainbow. The best thing about the cake was that each individual cupcake had rainbow layers!* So clever!

The free, yes free, kawaii style rainbow party’ printables that she used to make the invitations, hats, drink bottles, party favor tags & thank you letters are all available here.

Some of the many simple & effective things that I liked at the party were:
- the fruit sticks in rainbow order - cut into flower strawberries/watermelon, rockmelon, pineapple, kiwi fruit, purple grapes.
- pass the parcel with each layer wrapped in a different colour of the rainbow. The children had to do an age appropriate activity (eg. sing a song, clap your hands above your head) in order to receive a packet of smarties.

Perfect for a 2 year old birthday party, the backyard was filled with colorful toys from the ‘party pack’ at the local toy library, which even included a rainbow coloured parachute that was used to cover the hills hoist.

The rainbow playdough was a party activity and then put into ziplock bags as a simple & inexpensive take home party favour.

Stay tuned later this week for another fantastic party that we went to the following day – pirate themed!

Don’t forget to link up your own parties or get inspired over here at our ever expanding DIY Party Linky!
(There are two other rainbow parties there already)
Or you can grab my new button over there on the side bar & tell everyone about it ——>

* If you are interested in a simple tutorial on how to make the cake, let me know as she took photos throughout the whole process!

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  1. says

    That cake is a showstopper! I would definitely be interested in a tutorial as it&#39;s something totally different and I have no idea how you would make such a thing.<br /><br />Terrific party. x

  2. says

    Hey! Exactly what I&#39;m looking for for July. Love the rainbow tablecloth and the playdough is perfect. I&#39;m still thinking I&#39;ll do the multilayered cake (mainly because I think I&#39;d eat too many M&amp;M&#39;s if I tried to do a topping like this lovely cake – and then I&#39;d run out). Love the fruit sticks too. It&#39;s so hard to realise there are months yet, and I have other

  3. says

    A totally perfect birthday theme for a 2yo – Emma I really think you could go into business planning birthday parties, providing ideas/themes etc etc….between yourself &amp; your fab friends you provide us all with hope, inspiration, colour,enthusiasm and dash for the parties of our lives!! Thankyou, TK xx

  4. says

    Oh – I love the playdough party favour bags – just gorgeous! <br /><br />I would love to give Doots a rainbow party, but she tells me she just wants &quot;fancy dress&quot;. Help! How do I theme fancy dress? I&#39;m convinced we&#39;ll just end up with a house full of fairies so why not just go for a fairy party.. but no, fancy dress. <br /><br />If you, dear Emma, party planner that you are,

  5. says

    I wish I was eliza! although I love the under the sea cake as well. Hmmmm you are giving me cake ideas for my 40th…wonder if mum still has the womens weekly birthday cake cookbook

  6. says

    What a gorgeous party and so clever too. I really love the rainbow skewers with all the coloured fruit and the cake too how cool. Thank you for sharing the party with us.

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