I’m grateful for all the help I can get! I’ll be putting her to work on the clothes pile next…*

* Disclaimer – Vacuuming is something my children love to do… as you can see here (do go & check it out for a laugh!) not a lot of vacuuming actually gets done!! Not a lot of clothes folding gets done either..although to their credit they’re getting better at putting them away once folded.
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    That&#39;s the way, Em, put &#39;em to work. Chuckle.<br /><br />Your clothes pile looks like my clothes pile but I think mine is a bit more hungover than yours… x

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    A gorgeous photo!! I&#39;ve managed to get on top of the laundry this week. Only a matter of seconds before that feeling disappears!

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    we have one of those clothes piles, actually we have two or three. you can send her over to mine afterwards if she likes…we could do with some vacuuming!<br /><br />Gill xo

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    Excellent stuff. Am currently in the market for toddler sized rubber gloves – since she&#39;s suddenly so keen on putting things in the toilet I figured I may as well get her to give it a bit of a scrub…

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    oooooh!!! Can I borrow her!? Wonderful. <br />Btw; made your mini-quiches last night – yum! But your wine glasses must be a lot bigger than mine :P

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    oh you crack me up Emma!!! BTW – &quot;One Thousand Gifts&quot; is challenging me EVERY SINGLE PAGE but it is so worth it for the journey….her writing is painfully beautiful….do get it but be prepared to take stock!! TK xx

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    Got to love keen kids! My little miss 2.5 loves helping me do jobs around the house! Might have to start her on the vacuuming and putting folded clothes away – two of the chores I hate most!!

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    A lovely blog Emma, found you over at Maxabella&#39;s, pleased I did :o)<br />It&#39;s so cute when the littlies enjoy housework, my 3yr old little man LOVES doing the vacuuming… I&#39;m not about to discourage those urges :o)

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    gorgeous! when I ask my girl to put clothes away in her room, she takes the clothes, runs to the doorway, and throws them in to the room! she does join in the vacuuming sometimes, though!

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