I made a fun discovery at our fruit shop this week when I came upon a yellow watermelon.
Have you tried them?

They taste the same as the pink ones with the same texture and cost the same also. Although the pink ones are slightly sweeter.

I had to get a little creative… I couldn’t help myself… the possibilities are endless.

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    I've seen them before, but always assumed they wouldn't taste as good, so didn't buy one – so good to know that they taste the same, it is one of the few fruits that the Rocket will actually eat!

  2. says

    I love finding new fruit discoveries but it doesn't happen very often any more, I've eaten so many different kinds! I have tried the yellow one but prefer the red but I do love how you've patterned them both in a wheel!

  3. says

    Looks like a watermelon pizza. I like the bring a plate idea too. It looks so colourful and pretty. I have never tried yellow watermelon, it looks like the colour of the sun almost! Gill xo

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