Yesterday the girls and I headed off to a ‘Princess Party’ for a very special 5 year old friend. Extra Special as her Mum and I went to each others’ 5th birthday parties too! They now live in the slums of Cambodia doing some amazing work over there within their community and we have really enjoyed having them back for a little while.

We took along some crown cookies, made with my all-time favourite shortbread recipe. After many years of being absolutely terrible at icing biscuits, I discovered that if you roll out some royal icing* and treat it just like a lump of playdough, you can use the same cookie cutter that was used to make the biscuit and make the icing in no time at all – plus it looks much better!** These were sprinkled with some edible glitter as well as some silver cachous.

I am really enjoying getting back into handmade presents at the moment, but what to give to a girl returning next week to her home in the slums of Pnom Penh? As her birthday theme suggests, she loves pink and glitter and princesses, so I found some glittery fabric to match and made a little drawstring bag with some matching fabric covered hairties***.

As mentioned before, I always like to find uses for party items after a party (got to justify the expense somehow!) so this was a perfect excuse to re-use the printables from Goose’s “6th” Princess Party. You can find these printables here if you are interested. I printed some of the images onto sticker paper for her to make her own stickers and used some on the birthday card as well.

If you are after some birthday party inspiration, you may like to check out my DIY Party Ideas Page or to head over and see the new parties that have been added to FGB’s DIY Party link up. Feel free to add your own parties to share with us all!

* purchased from the supermarket.
** Attach the icing to the biscuits by brushing on a mixture of icing sugar & water.
***These are sooo easy to make and sooo addictive. Very simple tutorial here.

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    Oh they were a long way from the slums of Cambodia at that princess party!! It looks amazing!! I just love that i still have girlfriends from preschool (they can not escape me!!) It's so cute we're all mummies now, love Posie

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    they look amazing Emma, everything on your blog always looks amazing!!<br /><br />i would just avoid raw egg yolk on the bicuit though..sorry, just use some water &amp; icing sugar as your &quot;glue&quot;<br /><br />happy long weekend ♥

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    You have outdone yourself – not even hosting this party and still full of Frog, Goose and Bear fabulousness. I love those hair clips! Something I can make for someone. Yay!! Thanks for the origami links too – I love it and really want to learn how x

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    these look brilliant! My little girl is home with a broken leg and we&#39;ve been doing a bit of baking as a non-tv activity – I&#39;m add these to my activities we&#39;ll do tomorrow as she is ALL about princesses at the moment. Thanks so much for sharing this idea :)

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    How lovely! I&#39;ve been doing my best to avoid a Princess Party, but I know I can&#39;t put it off forever. Will definitely bookmark this post for when that day arrives! (And great icing tip, btw!)<br /><br />Jane x

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    What a lovely idea, didn&#39;t even know you could buy sticker paper. <br />Just browsed through all the party links, how fantastic, I love organising kids parties and all the details so I will be coming back for sure

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    gorgeous! not even one of your parties and you still manage to amaze me! love the cookie idea and the bag with all the printables too. Well done for making that hair ties too (as i did think they were Lou&#39;s!!!) – but they are so fun and easy no! I just hope this little princess doesn&#39;t look too out of place back home in cambodia!

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    Love your gift idea, Em. And what a lovely thought to take some &#39;themed&#39; bickies along on the day. One to take note of for future events for us! x

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    Those bickies look terrific! Will definitely have to try that for S&#39;s bday next month.<br />And wow, what an adventure your friends are having. That little girl will grow up so worldly wise.

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