I must apologise for my lack of blogging recently. I have been spending my snippets of spare time preparing for a “Frog, Goose & Bear” stall at a fun little market!

A couple of times a year, some friends run a pop-up handmade market in their backyard (and in their house if rain) called the “Friends Who Make Things Market”. Advertised by word of mouth, it always has a good turn out and a great atmosphere as most people that come along are friends, or friends of friends, of the stallholders. They had soup & bread and delicious muffins for a gold coin donation and an opshop type stall where goods were sold for whatever price you decided. All money from these, as well as the costs for having a stall, were donated to a charity for women in Afghanistan.

Just like last year Goose and I had a stall of our own. As you know, I don’t normally sell my wares, but this is perfect as it is such a fun creative outlet for me without the year round pressure!

We sold basketfuls of lemons, mandarines and herbs from the garden and some of “Scratchy & Flappys” eggs, along with many of the items you will have already seen here on Frog, Goose & Bear already such as paper garlands (our best sellers!), crayon cookies, drawstring bags, rice bags, lavender sachets, wheat bags, bibs, playdough, soup-in-a-jar, fabric cards, fabric button hairties as well as my friend Jane’s gorgeous postcards. I had lots of fun both preparing for the market and on the day and really want to thank Mr FGB for looking after the younger two over the weekend while Goose and I marketed! As well as my clever and generous sisters & Mum for your fabric, materials, support and graphic design skills.

Now, on a bit of a high after a succesful day at market, I am facing a day of washing, cooking and cleaning and everything else that I’ve let back up for a couple of weeks….. but I really don’t mind at all!

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    Emma, your stall looks amazing, what a great selection of things!<br />I love those garlands, they are sooo addictive to make.<br /><br />glad you had a great day, hope the cleaning gets sorted soon.<br />I just sat down after what feels like forever washing &amp; cleaning up..(with a little…well alot of help from my mum, mums are the best!)<br /><br />hope to see you soon, Lou &amp; I are off

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    That&#39;s just so fantastic. I remember this from last year (doesn&#39;t time fly!) and again I say that it is just the best idea ever! I love that you have found an outlet to &#39;sell&#39; and show off your lovely wares without the stress of a &#39;big&#39; market, Em. x

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    this sounds just wonderful….I love the idea of selling wihtout all the stress of a BIG market – and soudns liek a lovely way to spend some time with your Miss Gooose!!! TK xx

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    Fabbo, Emma! I&#39;m just delighted for you, my friend. It must have been so satisfying seeing your goodies make people smile. J x

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    that looks great Em – i see some sewn stuff as well! I was at Cathies afternoon tea yesterday and bumped into Lou and she was telling me about all the lovely creative things you&#39;ve been making – and i can see by the pic&#39;s it looks amazing and sounds like a great day<br />xx

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    That&#39;s an impressive selection of goodies, my friend! And I&#39;m sure it was nice to put blogging aside for a bit to be seriously productive – and with your Goose, no less – terrific. One day I&#39;d like to host a market day like that, and you&#39;ll be the first I call for tips!

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    I loved seeing your stall at the market. I can&#39;t believe how many different ideas you had for things to make for the market. They were all fantastic, and I love each of my purchases.

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    I&#39;m REALLY kicking myself for not making it to the market now that I have seen the pictures!! please let me know when the next one is on and I WON&#39;T plan a trip to the zoo for the same day :)

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    What a fabulous idea! I am going to forward this post to a friend of mine who might be interested in having something like this of her own. You are a clever cookie and I am so happy that you had fun selling your stuff. Why not make a sheckel or two? x

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