Looking for a quick and simple school holiday activity?
This plastic cup looks and sounds just like a chicken! It really does. In fact, the sound is more genuine than the looks if we’re being honest…

1. Take one disposable plastic or polystyrene cup and poke a small hole in the bottom.
2. Tie a large knot in a piece of nylon string and thread it through the hole, leaving the knot on the outside so that the string won’t go through when it’s tugged on.
3. Decorate your cup so that it somewhat resembles a chicken. Stick on some feathers and some paper cut as eyes & beak or just drawing on with textas will do the trick.
4. Cut a small rectangular piece of kitchen sponge.*
5. To make the chicken cluck: slightly dampen the sponge, fold the sponge over the string (at the top) and run the sponge down the string holding it firmly with quick, short tugs and it makes a loud clucking sound.**
N.B. – the string really needs to be polyester (the shiny stuff) or the noise won’t be as effective.

What fun activities are you getting up to over the school holidays?

This craft could also work well at a farm party or next Easter!
Check out this plastic cup craft here – we’ll be giving this a go!

For more kids craft ideas, check out the FGB Kids Craft page here.

* You may like to tie the sponge on to the bottom of the string so it doesn’t get lost.
** If this does not make sense – please let me know & I’ll try to explain it better!
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  1. says

    Oh my gosh, Emma, this is hilarious and so fantastic! How on earth did you come up with this crazy idea?! lol, I for sure want to try it now, because it's so funny! This is definitely the most original idea I have seen in a long time!

  2. Anonymous says

    We have been doing this for ages in Girl Scouts….love that it is getting around to others as well.

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