To make an ‘Egg’bert of your own, simply keep your egg shell from the next time you have a boiled egg for brekky and…

1. Put a moist cotton wool ball inside the empty egg shell.

2. Sprinkle some alfalfa sprout seeds* onto the moist cotton wool ball.

3. Sit the egg in an egg cup on your windowsill or benchtop & wait**.

4. Remoisten each morning & afternoon by dripping some water on to the cotton wool ball(drain out any excess water).

5. Seeds should start to sprout within a day and by 3-5 days, you should have a full head of hair!

Thanks to ‘Scratchy‘ & ‘Flappy‘ eggs are popular in this house and we now have a whole family growing on the windowsill!

To grow your own alfalfa to eat and to make your own simple alfalfa sprouting kit using a jar, a rubber band & some tulle, please check out my tutorial here. Alfalfa seeds can be purchased from your local health food store.

A little late this week in joining in with Childhood 101. I’ve also discovered Imagination Tree too! If you are after kids craft ideas. Check them out!

Or for other Kids Craft Ideas that we’ve done here at FGB, you might like to check out the ‘Kids Craft’ Page here.

* Any other type of sprout seeds would work also and probably even grass seeds. Another cool grass head activity I’d like to try with the kids is here and how cool are these little bride & groom egg shell plants.
** My kids asked me every 10 minutes for the first hour if they could check it if had grown… this is the most difficult part of the activity!!
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  1. says

    We have 'Eggy' and 'Shelly' at home (my kids are SO not creative when it comes to naming things – for instance, Dolly, Other Dollly and Badoo's Dolly are the names of the Badoo's three dollies…) x

  2. says

    You are one inspiring mama Emma. I'll be boiling eggs this week and doing this – just as soon as I find alfalfa seeds.

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