Today I’m joining in with my friend Jane from Mama Pea Pod with her regular Outdoor Play linky. Jane lives in Hungary (how cool is that?!) and the weather is getting warmer there, while it is getting much cooler here. We have, however, had a little bit of sunshine over the last few days which has been glorious.

Frog & Bear got the paint brushes out again quite a bit this week for a spot of water painting in the back yard. Our paintbrushes live permanently on the window sill at our back door, along with some bubbles and some sidewalk chalk. I feel very grateful to have an enclosed backyard and when the kids are under my feet I just herd them outside – calms everyone down (especially me!)

Sometimes, you just can’t tell when something is going to capture your child’s attention. You can spend a long time setting up activities but they play with it for 2 minutes and they’re on to something else. Yesterday we struck a winner when I suggested, in a flippant attempt to get the kids out of my hair, that they go & hide their toy cars in the garden in a twist on ‘hide ‘n’ seek’ and they played for what seemed like hours. You just can’t predict these things.

Can you spot the cement mixer in the picture below?

Where have you been outdoors this week?

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    Looks like a great game finding the cars – what a great idea! <br /><br />One of my favourite things outdoors this week was feeding ducks and geese at the Wollundry Lagoon in Wagga – the geese are huge and not shy! They were not ready for a 2 year old trying to catch them though ;-) <br /><br />My other favourite outdoor time was finding an old white wooden bridge near a lake in Chiltern in

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    Oh, we loved being outside yesterday too (not so much today…), in our tiny backyard where we&#39;ve just rigged up a kind of cubby, and did some seed collecting and planting too. Love your gorgeous photos!

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    How fantastic you have a good outdoor space for the littlies. They do love being outside and you&#39;re right, it&#39;s a calming influence. Sounds like you have a great variety of play options too… I love that children will stay amused for hours on the simplest of things. <br />Gorgeous pics, such beautiful eyes your children have!<br />Unfortunately, we haven&#39;t been outdoors much at all

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    Oh, so glad you linked up with us, Emma! Your kids are just so adorable, I can&#39;t imagine them getting underfoot! Just look at those sweet, innocent, blue eyes gazing up at you in these pictures!!<br /><br />Love the car-hide-and-seek idea! Princess Pea is always wanting to play hide and seek around our two-bedroom apartment (!) and it can be rather tiresome (especially since I&#39;m supposed

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    I&#39;m so glad you linked up with Jane – I love finding new blogs to explore. <br /><br />This week we have been braving the cold and heading out to explore the nature reserve behind our house. I completely agree, more often than not, the best activities are the ones that take the least amount of planning. <br /><br />I think I&#39;ll try hide-n-seek tomorrow when we go and visit Nanna and

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    I love that idea of using water to paint with, it&#39;s brilliant and not messy:) Very cute hide and seek game too. Little ones need to go outside and play and explore don&#39;t they. My girls always go outside, swing on the swings and play with the dog, they&#39;d be out there till dark every night if I let them. xo

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    cute blog emma! it was lovely chatting to you and lucy today and thank you for the lovely mandarins and lemons and the pretty paper garlands. i&#39;m still decided which one to keep and which one to give away – tough decision ;-)

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