Yesterday was a very windy day here in Melbourne. Perfect for kite flying!
Perfect for a kite themed birthday party for my gorgeously cheeky 3 year old nephew!

Delicious kite cupcakes made by none other than the highly talented Cathie!

The hit of the party – cones full of popcorn, or were they clouds?

The kite and cloud scrapbooking paper was a great find to easily bring the theme together. I’m a big fan of named drinks. Saves money and rubbish and kids like to take them home too. Also makes a healthy drink seem a little more fun. Lou had lots of healthy and fun party food available with falafel or beef burgers, egg & bacon pies, savoury rolls, sausage rolls, mini blueberry muffins, popcorn, fruit salad & yoghurt cups. Followed by a simple kite cake made, as per usual, by the birthday boy’s Dad!

The kids decorated their own kites with stickers, textas and ribbons as a party activity*, then at the end of the party those who were interested trekked down to the park and flew our kites! For handmade kites – they were fantastic! The wind just picked them up with ease and even Frog (below, aged 2) could do it all on her own.

We all had such a fun day – thanks Lou!

For more DIY party ideas, head over here.

* Lou got her kite making kits on the internet. Hopefully she’ll read this post and put in the comments where she got them from, but she did say the same ones were available all over the web.
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  1. says

    Haha, I just looked at the photos again and realised the photo of the cake was taken after the kids had pulled all the licorice kite string off! The bows are hanging in mid air. They are fast!

  2. says

    hah! saw this over at Cathies yesterday and i was wondering who's party it was!!! You are known as the kids party paparazzi you know!!! I love the kite theme- who would have thought something so simple could work so well! Love It and thanks for sharing xx

  3. says

    By what miracle of gravity are those popcorn cones standing up??<br /><br />I actually have this party them in mind for a party next year so very exciting to pick up some extra tips.

  4. says

    Omgosh, I&#39;m so in love with this kite theme! Everything looks SO ADORABLE! Now I just need to work on steering at least one of my daughters into kite-loving.

  5. says

    Gorgeous Emma! I&#39;m in party planning mode this week. I so wish I could whisk you over to my place for the week! I love the water idea and I&#39;m totally going with that one. Actually I might pinch your popcorn cones too!

  6. says

    I thought I should just add a note about how the popcorn cones are standing up for Kirsty… mine was a cardboard box covered in paper, wooden skewers (kebab sticks) pushed into the box but still sticking out the top, a small hole in the bottom when you make the cone or the end cut off the bottom of the cone – for the cones to slip over the top of the stick. It doesn&#39;t matter if the cones

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