Bitten by the Sewing Bug

I am really excited that I have finally discovered the joy of sewing! Completely inspired by so many of my bloggy friends – it has opened up a whole new world!

Admittedly, I purchased the sewing machine (from ALDI, no less) for the purpose of sewing on cards & paper, but recently have started trying out a few quick and simple projects. The kind that can be completed in a night. That way I get that lovely satisfied feeling of job completed and I’m actually working within my skill level – absolute beginner who had to remember the basics from when I did sewing in high  school 20 years ago.

Along with a new love for sewing, I have reclaimed my love of giving handmade gifts! Mainly so that I have a reason to sew!

I found the perfect pressie for boys turning 4 when Bear had a run on birthdays last month – they all received rice/bean bags and a drawstring bag.  Easy to make and were all very well received!

In searching for some simple gifts for Goose & I to make for her friends, girls turning 8, I came across some fantastic ideas which we’ve been making. I’ll share those ideas, along with some tutorials and links, as soon as I get a chance to take some photos of them!

I know lots of you who read this blog are sewers…any ideas for quick and simple projects for a beginner like me??

I’m off to check out the new home of ‘my creative space‘ to be inspired!

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    Yay for you! Dont diss cheap sewing machines – I bought mine for $89 at the boxing day spotlight sale – they really can do just as much as the fancy ones! I looooove your bean bags in a bag idea! Have you been making up the pattern too clever girl?!

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    Projects that can be started and finished in a night are such a joy!<br />You&#39;re going great guns! Nice finishes too! Youll be seeing like a pro in no time!

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    Cheap sewing machines are great to get started on! I loved my little singer cheapy until I finally upgraded a few months ago.<br /><br />Loving your drawstring bags and bean bags! We have the motor vehicle linen fabric here as cushions in the kids play area.<br /><br />Can&#39;t wait to see what the girls gift ideas you have are.

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    Oh, Emma! I am so delighted for you. I&#39;m going to follow your progress with great interest as I want to start sewing soon, too. Bravo, my friend. J x

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    Good for you – i love those bags for the boys – great fabric !<br />I too love a job that can be started and finished in one night. Happy Thursday, Dee x

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    Love the fabric you found for those beanbags and bags! My machine is a basic one my Mum bought me years ago! Basic is all you need to do so much!<br /><br />I have heaps of sewing tutorials on my site if you&#39;re interested! I&#39;ve also just started making some &#39;anyone can sew&#39; tutorials! Come and take a look! Hope you continue to have lots of fun sewing!!<br /><br /><a href="

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    Good luck with your sewing machine. It sounds like you&#39;re doing the right thing. Start with small projects and slowly work up. You&#39;ll be amazed how quickly you&#39;ll be sewing things you never imagined that you&#39;d be able to.

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    Heh heh. My sewing machine was &#39;purchased&#39; with award points for sewing on cards. It sounds like a machine gun. Possibly from sewing on too many cards and because it was purchased with award points. I think your &#39;inspired&#39; could be catching!

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    Oh well done! This post is inspiring to me, as I often gush over the beautiful handmade items I see on my fave blogs too… but never think I could make any of them. Great to read about someone starting from scratch and making such gorgeous things.<br />There is hope for me yet! ;o) xo

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    Yay for learning to sew. I started early last year and would stay up late to finish things but then I got pregnant and the sewing machine was retired… I think I&#39;m going to pull it out again (another cheapie…). It&#39;s so much fun. Can&#39;t wait to see your tutorials.

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    I&#39;ve just discovered your blog and love all the kids&#39; craft and party ideas!<br /><br />Nice work on catching the sewing bug – there are loads of tutorials on the net. Try flag bunting, a simple tote bag or placemats/napkins.<br /><br />Happy sewing!

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    Oh boy. It&#39;s all over for you! Now you&#39;ll be looking at fabrics like a kid in a lolly shop, struggling to choose (and resist). Great work on the 4yo boy present idea – I still seem to scratch my head wondering what to sew for boys.

  13. says

    Great idea for a boys present! I am trying to be motivated to use my sewing machine again (I can use it, I&#39;m just lazy) so I&#39;m looking forward to seeing your quick and easy present ideas for some nice easy to succeed creations which will hopefully keep me motivated to make more!

  14. Anonymous says

    I know this post was last year – but have a look at Oliver+S lazy days skirt pattern!! Very easy and satisfying ! :)<br />Lauren

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