School holidays bring with them a more flexible pace of life without the school run and other various regular activities. On the other hand, there is less time to blog and one needs to find more ways to keep kids occupied.

Apart from a trip to the zoo, a day at the snow and a weekend away at a friend’s beachhouse, these holidays I’m trying for one activity out of the house each day (to save the ‘climbing the walls syndrome’) whether it be a playdate with friends, a trip to the library or a trip to the airport to say goodbye to Granny, and the rest of the time at home. I find my kids are so busy during the term that they yearn for unstructured time at home and so does their Mum! Personally I’m a fan of letting kids just play and find their own fun. My kids are quite good at doing that, but I like to have “distractions” in my arsenal if the need arises.

The internet is full of gems if you know where to look …

- Of course you’ll find quite a few simple, yet super cool, ideas and links to other great sites right here on Frog Goose & Bear.

- Here is a fantastic list of ‘boredom busters’ over at MiniEco.

- We have been enjoying the brilliant ‘Action Packs‘ from WhipUp. They are well worth the $5 in my opinion. The idea is that kids, aged 7 and up, can do it independently with little supervision or younger kids can do it with some help. I am a huge fan! The Chai tea concoctions in the photos above are straight from the “Sew & Tea” edition.

- Goose has become a little obsessed with this season’s masterchef and she has been allowed to stay up later during the holidays to watch. When I gave her this fun ‘easiest ever choc chip slice’ recipe – she told me to step out of the kitchen as she was doing it all on her own, which she did! A new era has begun.

What are your school holiday tips?

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    Thanks for the Arsenal Emma!<br />I have had a tough week with the boys, not inspired to do crafty things with them at all, too much wrestling and bickering for my liking, your post has me inspied and I now have a plan for next week :) There is always so many great links on your blog – thanks. I am also going to get the Whipup mag.

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    thanks for the links as always… will check them out now. <br />enjoy the rest of the holidays- looks like you might even get dinner cooked one night the rate goose is going ;)

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    Ha! I&#39;m impressed! Love that Goose even has my recipe printed out right there on the bench! Must encourage my kids to make it tomorrow. The mixmaster&#39;s on the blink and it&#39;s like having my right arm cut off. Now I&#39;m off to check out those &#39;action packs&#39;! Thanks!

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    We loved our recent school holidays too – nothing better than everyone just hanging out at home, doing their own thing and not having that routine and school runs to contend with. I&#39;m also a big fan of unstructured play, but if I find that we&#39;re clashing inside a bit I drag the kids off for a nature ramble.

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    good to see you today Emma! I must check out that kids mag.<br /><br />a good place I have found recently is Little Melbourne on FB, they provide info on what&#39;s happening around for kids.<br /><br />enjoy the rest of the holidays, hopefully the weather gets better so we can head to the zoo this week ♥

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