This is the first installment, as promised, in a little series of posts of quick and simple, yet stylish handmade gifts for girls that even a beginner sewer like me can make.  So quick in fact that you can make most of them in about 5 – 20 minutes, therefore making them the perfect last minute, whipup the night before, gift for those of us who may or may not be 100% organised!  

Part one – Fabric Knotted necklaces.

 I made the two in the photo above for my two girls.  As you only need a very thin strip of fabric, you can get away with purchasing just a 10cm strip of fabric, use leftover scraps, or even recycle old or thrifted clothes!  The necklace on the left, was made using one of Goose’s old skirts.  You can thrift an old beaded necklace, or just use marbles.  In mine, I used 20mm wooden beads purchased at Spotlight.

Serendipitously, I discovered a new blog this week who happend to have a tutorial ready made for these necklaces, just as I had made them.  Thanks Amy for saving me the trouble!
So, if you’d like to give these a try, head over here for an excellent tutorial.
Or, if you’d like to try a bracelet, using the same method, head over here.
Stay tuned for more simple handmade gifts for girls over the next couple of weeks.   Thanks so much to those of you who have forwarded me links of things that you or others have made that I might like to try – keep them coming!
* Please excuse the blurry photos – although she loved the posing (a little too much for my liking!) she would not keep still!  One day I will get myself a fancy pancy SLR, but for now I will continue dreaming…
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  1. says

    I love the fabrics you have used. They are so easy to whip up aren&#39;t they!<br /><br />Thanks for linking to my tutorial.

  2. says

    Your little girl is so cute Emma:) These are such a great idea for little girls and big girls too. Thank you for the link and for another great gift idea, you can never have enough. :)

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