…for a day of catchup and recuperation at home while Mr FGB and his Mum take the kids to the snow for the day.  Before Mr FGB’s change in work situation earlier this year, a few hours on my own, let alone a whole day, was unheard of!  I am not taking this day for granted.  This change has meant a dramatic drop in work hours for a few years, and while this may be difficult financially, the benefits are enormous.  

I am grateful that last weekend, while spending a few days at our favourite beachside destination, I got to spend some one-on-one time with each of my kids.  

“Running for our lives” on the beach, collecting ‘pink’ seaweed, chasing seagulls, getting wet & sandy and building sandcastles with two year old Frog.

Walking on the golf course collecting piles of pinecones for the fire and future projects,  spotting some confused blossom in the middle of winter and running from the rain with an almost 4 year old Bear.

Flying kites, collecting driftwood and trying to spot a Hooded Plover, while disagreeing over it’s correct pronunciation, with 7 year old Goose. 

Then time as a family playing Yahtzee and Twister, eating popcorn and MasterChef style dishes.
In our ridiculously busy lives, these times away are all the more savoured.

It’s the small things.

This Saturday, as always, I am truly grateful for my lot.

For more gratefuls, head over here.

P.S. I’d be remiss not to say how grateful we are for our wonderful friends who let us use their holiday use so regularly.  Or for how grateful I am for my sister Lou who did some last minute babysitting for us last night way past her bedtime.  Above and beyond the call of duty – thank you.

P.P.S.  I am also rewinding this post today over with Multiple Mum at Weekend Rewind

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    The change in your family situation is wonderful – you&#39;ll be getting a much more relaxed husband, and more chances to have family time. How many more wonderful memories will you be making now? So many!<br /><br />And you&#39;re right, the small things are the best!

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    what a wonderful dayto appreciate, remember and be grateful for :-)<br />Hope your day alone was a good one too!<br />have a great weekend<br />xxxCate

  3. says

    What a wonderful combination, beach last weekend, time one on one with each of your darlings, and now this weekend they get the snow, and you get time on your own! Precious!

  4. says

    It looks and sounds like you had a really great time together as a family which is so special and important. I hope you had a great day to yourself. xo

  5. says

    I hope you relished that time alone Emma. I&#39;m glad the changed work situation is giving you all a different type of time together. I&#39;m sure it will be well worth the financial sacrifices – just hope that is everyone&#39;s experience, anyway!<br /><br />ps we just made your no-cook playdough. Whenever I&#39;m after a play or craft activity I come here first – thank you!

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