A ROCKET PARTY {the food}


water bottles & ‘rocket fuel’ (punch) for drinks


popcorn cones
 (retro rocket paper purchased here & idea from here)

pringle rockets (idea from here)

 hot dogs in rolls (& my beautiful sister Lou) 
rocket fruit sticks (they are meant to look like rockets…original idea from here)
cheese sandwiches in star shapes
 individual dip cups (idea found here)

Plus our favourite party food - egg & bacon pies & sausage rolls.


After the rocket launching the sweet stuff came out!
Yoghurt coated apricot ‘planets’
Star shaped fairy bread*
 Rocket & star shaped shortbreads**
Alien spaceship cupcakes***
Chocolate coated grissini wands****, 


- Cake was originally planned to be something else completely, but after a few mishaps in the kitchen, at around midnight the night before the party it became a moon covered in edible glitter with an astronaut (candle) and some star shaped sparklers.  The birthday boy smashed open the chocolate layer at the party to reveal a cake covered in lollies underneath.  The excited & surprised look on the kids faces was so worth it!  Check this out for a fun animation of how to make a smash cake, or for detailed instructions look up every Aussie’s favourite birthday cake book.

Have you ever had a ‘mishap’ & then covered it up to create a last minute, flying by the seat of your pants, winner? 

For more details on the rocket party click here.
For more frog, goose & bear party ideas click here.

* made by sister Lou who even used star shaped sprinkles – how cool!
**originally on skewers these rockets and stars fell from a high shelf, around the time the cake mishaps were occurring, and the dishwasher decided to leak over the kitchen floor very late on the night before the party…. never mind – it worked out beautifully! 
*** idea totally stolen from an old Donna Hay mag.
****made by my clever friend Josie.  So simple and the kids LOVE them!  Bear specifically requested them after enjoying them at Josie’s sons party.  I’ll be having them at every party from now on!

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  1. says

    Fabulous party Emma! Love the pringle rocket ships and adore the 'moon' chocolate pinata cake! You do such a marvellous job, your kids must love looking back at all the marvellous parties you put on!

  2. says

    What a fabulous party :)<br />I tried a smash cake, filled with jelly earlier in the year – mmm – didn&#39;t work, tasted good though. Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas.

  3. says

    Perfect as always. I finally blogged my Dinosaur party if you want to take a look. One of these days I&#39;ll actually link a party up on your blog. Thanks as always for giving full details and letting your ideas go into the www for us other mums to use too.

  4. says

    Oh, I love this spaced theme party idea! You did so great with all the food, and a smash cake is the best back up plan (or even Plan A plan) idea ever! So glad you rocke(t)ed it!<br /><br />xx

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