This week we have been preparing for an upcoming rocket themed birthday party for Bear who is turning 4.  We made some quick and simple rocket invitations and popped a magnet on the back of each rocket so that the recipients could just pop them straight onto the fridge.*  To add a bit of fun and colour we popped a handful of sequin stars in each envelope.  Hoping there’ll be no annoyed parents with sequins all over the carpet…
In more party prep, we’ve been making a batch of ‘space playdough‘, using black food dye and glitter…
… and some green alien slime.  Come back tomorrow for the recipe.  Seriously cool stuff.

Not sure yet whether these will be party favours or a party activity.  Maybe both.  I’m also keen to make our own moon sand.  I’ll let you know how I go.

Stay tuned for more rocket party prep over the next week or so, along with a number of other things I’ve been promising like more simple handmade gifts for girls and more easy peasy recipes.

If you’re after more party ideas, you might like to head over to the FGB party page.

*Cutting up old advertising magnets from the last time the plumber visited does the trick, then use double sided tape to attach.

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  1. says

    Must must must get cracking on Meerkat&#39;s circus party!!!<br />Thanks for the reminder – the space playdoh looks totally ace – love the glitter :-)<br />Have a great party, can&#39;t wait for the pics of the actual day!!<br />xxxCate

  2. says

    Looks like fun preparation! I love the black glitter play dough. And I&#39;ve been thinking how much I want to make slime, we used to make it all the time in england, but I don&#39;t think the boys remember it too well, such brilliant stuff!

  3. says

    Oh a rocket party sounds super! Loving your activities so far. Looks like it&#39;s going to be out of this world… sorry, it&#39;s late and I couldn&#39;t help myself ;o)<br />Look forward to seeing more of the prep AND the actual party xo

  4. says

    Hi Emma,<br /><br />Ooooh I do love that space playdough. One for the to-do list methinks. Hope bear had a great 4th birthday. Looks like you had a blast!! My little one just turned 3…can&#39;t believe how quickly time seems to pass at the moment!

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