Because I just couldn’t help myself…

Our kids are more than a little obsessed with superheros at the moment and when I saw these free printables (as well as these & these) I just couldn’t let it pass!

Goose and I created a superDad costume with cape, armbands, mask, boxers (to be worn on the outside of course) and a Superdad shirt (using an old tshirt of Mr FGBs).  It was certainly received with the humour in which it was given and the kids LOVED it!  So funny!

The kids all excitedly set up a Superdad breakfast, with whatever we could find in the house – because of course I’d forgotten we were out of eggs (his favourite) and the pickings were slim!  We ended up with a fruit platter and superhero fruit toast (yes, there are stars stamped on the toast – no detail left unturned;)
Yes, I have an addiction and I’ve passed it on to my kids but one thing I love about blogland is that I’m not the only one!

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    That is one seriously cool Dad. So glad you had a great day. We did pancakes, but in normal clothes. Which now seems a bit bland. Will venture into super-hero-land next year maybe!

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    Awesome Emma, I feel like a really inadequate wife/mum now!! We had brunch, bacon, eggs and croissants, but as Anna has said above it seems a bit bland now that I see we could have dressed up as super heros!<br />xx

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