My creative space of late has involved the making of tea.
Those who know me will know that I’m not much of a tea drinker, but chai – I like.  
Inspired by Goose’s experiments, I thought I’d have a go at making my own.

It worked so well I thought I’d give it a go for our MOPS activity last month. 
Chai actually means ‘tea’ and Masala means ‘spices’.   Masala chai can be made with any spices/flavours that you like.  I used Cathie’s wonderful recipe and instructions* as a base and experimented a little myself to come up with sachets of ‘Masala Chai for one’.  I was quite pleased with how they turned out.

To make the envelope/packet, I downloaded a template from here.  Then used some gorgeous printable teapot images from the Sew & Tea WhipUp Action Pack Mag Issue 3.**  This mag has lots of info and ideas about making your own chai and even making your own tea bags which of course I had to give a whirl also. 

Speaking of tea.  I’ve also been making some teatowels.  Worked so well, I think gifts of tea and teatowels might just be featuring quite a bit in our Christmas presents this year.

Speaking of teatowels, the talented Anna from Shiny Happy Art, has just launched her ‘healthy enough snack teatowel’.  Such a great idea and I’m totally chuffed to have one of my suggestions included on it.  Go on over and check it out.

 I just had to include this photo of the back of the teatowel.  I know, you experienced sewers will think it is ridiculously easy (which it is) but as a new sewer I’m quite proud of myself and had to just show it off.

Head on over here for loads of creative inspiration from some very clever ladies.

* Thanks so much for the inspiration Cathie!
** I can’t recommend this online mag highly enough.  It is meant to be for kids and Goose loves it…..but so do I!  The latest one has just come out and Goose and I have made some things out of it already.  Will share soon.

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    I&#39;m a tea-belly, or at least that&#39;s what we call obsessive tea slurpers back home – Chai is such a favourite of mine, there are half a dozen I love and always come back to but I love trying new ones<br /><br />I&#39;m pretty impressed with the back of the teatowel – it looks so neatly finished! I&#39;m an out-of-practice sewer but the fabric you&#39;ve used is really striking. All over

  2. says

    Oh Emma – I loooove the homemade teabags! Just gorgeous. I think these would make lovely wee gifts for school teachers and the like. Your tea towel looks good too. How addictive is sewing????<br /><br />Meant to visit yesterday as well and tell you how adorable your painted children were in Wordless Wednesday… very brave mummy letting those painted bodies back inside!!!!

  3. says

    Hey, thanks for the mention snack-helper! And your teatowel is gorgeous. And now I want to paint teapots. Again. And drink tea at the same time. Will your inspiration never end???!!!

  4. says

    I am a dedicated tea drinker and love the little tea bags you have made…I may just have to try that recipe for chai as it&#39;s one of my fav.<br />Gorgeous teatowel too, love the fabric.<br /><br />x

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    I&#39;ve discovered chai tea too &amp; love it! And it&#39;s a little more &#39;grown-up&#39; to order a chai at a cafe rather than a hot choccie!!

  6. says

    i love the things you make Emma, YOU are the inspiration!!<br /><br />I have to have a chai everyday but am now having teabags..i know a bit slack. <br /><br />well done on the tea towel too, wow, what gorgeous gifts you will be giving, lucky friends!<br /><br />happy creating! ♥

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    Those teatowels are beautiful! And you must have read my mind, was reading Madhur Jaffrey this morning (as you do) and stumbled upon her chai recipe… thought to myself, hmmmm, that sounds good!

  8. says

    What a great idea for chrissy gifts. I absolutely adore your tea towel – that fabric is gorgeous, where did you find it?!<br /><br />ps. I just found a yummo chai after a long search for a good one – it&#39;s soaked and preserved in honey. : )

  9. says

    Great fabric for a tea towel … just thinking I might pinch that idea for a few Christmas presents this year (I&#39;ve been scratching my head trying to find different things to make).<br /><br />And your tea sachets are so cute.

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