Simple Nature Bracelets

At MOPS last week we had a lovely guest speaker from our local community health centre on the topic of ‘active play’.  I came away with many ideas to add to the arsenal, but the following was my favourite.
We walk home from school when I can be bothered  most days.  It’s only about 700m from our house to the school but it is uphill all the way there and although the kids are normally full of energy sometimes when you are 2 or 4 years of age, it can feel like a long way.  It would take me 10 minutes on my own, but we like to allow ourselves 30 minutes and even then we sometimes only just make it as the bell rings!  As much as I’m into promoting exercise, I often end up taking Frog in the pusher because we just need to get there!  When I pulled out this activity she was out of the pusher in a flash and happily walked the whole way to school in no time at all!
It has been such a beautiful sunshiney week here in Melbourne and the multitude of flowers springing up in the gardens on our walk to school made this activity quite a hit…..with the girls anyway.  Goose, Frog and I got right into it, but after one or two flowers Bear had had enough and promptly sat himself down in the available pusher.

Nature Bracelets:

Wrap a piece of duct tape or masking tape around your child’s wrist with the sticky side on the outside.*  Then get them to stick on any ‘nature’ that you find on your walk, like leaves, flowers, seed pods, etc.    
Click here for more ideas to amuse your kids.

* Not too tightly – we don’t want to cut off circulation or anything of course.

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  1. says

    I used to do this with the boys when we lived in the Southern Highlands when they were little! One of my absolute favourites because it is so quick, easy, and nothing really to clean up at the end – just the sort of activity I love! I used to use masking tape, but your tape look better (more heavy duty!).<br /><br />Thanks for reminding me about it, I think Molly May will love it! <br />xx S.

  2. says

    What a fab idea! We also walk to school most daysand it can sometimes require LOTS of &#39;encouragement&#39; – Anything jewellery related will be a hit with my girls!

  3. says

    Oh my, what a glorious idea! These nature bracelets look gorgeous! I am certain our duct tape would be full of dirt and stones and maybe the odd insect though… oh well, it&#39;s definitely worth a try :o) xo

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