There are many moments as a parent where you just need to take big breaths in and out and count to ten. Kids having tantrums, kids squabbling over toys, kids refusing to put their clothes on, kids refusing to take their clothes off, kids refusing to walk any further, kids refusing to drink from any cup that is not pink, kids emptying the contents of their bowl over the table, the floor & themselves, kids vomiting from the top bunk at midnight all over the floor and over their sleeping brother on the bottom bunk just a few hours before their father heads off to Sydney for the weekend and leaving you at home with the (now potentially infected with gastro) kids. Kids who wet the bed an hour after their elder sibling has vomited numerous times on the closed toilet lid, waking up (did I actually sleep?) to a rainy day (no chance of washing those sheets and towels) and to liquid all over the kitchen floor coming out from under the kitchen sink just weeks after we had the leaking dishwasher repaired. Yes, that did all happen last weekend and more!

Yet, I am grateful. I have to be grateful. I have to find the things that I am grateful for (or maybe I’d sink – it’s a coping mechanism). I much prefer to live life with a glass half full/Pollyanna kind of outlook.

I am grateful that whatever caused the vomiting did not spread to the rest of the household. I am grateful that the liquid coming from under the sink, was not in fact a leaking pipe, but a newish bottle of windex with a loose lid that had tipped over. I am grateful that I am an ‘old hat’ at looking after the kids for the weekend sans husband. I am grateful that this weekend, even though Mr FGB is working, it is a sunny day and I can catch up on that washing and we are off to a birthday party in the park.

I have many moments as a parent that I just need to take a big breath and push through the exhaustion and frustration and find that inner strength that I didn’t know that I possessed before I had children, but am grateful that this year these moments don’t feel like they are back to back with no reprieve, like they felt last year. This year, there are many more moments where I can breathe easily, get back on track and see the bigger picture, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the small minute by minute.

I’m OK this year, but I went through a long time last year when I wasn’t OK. It all got too much and I was able to talk about it with those who cared and get some more support and although I still have my ups and downs – I’m doing more than OK. Incidentally, I was very impressed this week to hear about “RUOK?” day. You can read more about it here and here. The idea is to make sure that you ask the question and make sure your friends are actually doing OK. A lot of us are pretty good at hiding it.

You can also read about what others are grateful for with the lovely Mira Narnie (we love you Brenda!), who is hosting this week while the gorgeous Maxabella has a little blog hiatus (we miss you Bron!)

P.S. I’m also grateful for this cute wooden game of croquet that we found on someone’s nature strip while on a walk one afternoon – love those kind of finds!
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    Ooo, Em! i know how you feel. I had a similar day on Friday (no vomiting though!)and an absent husband for the weekend. You are right – we do need to look past this and still see the grateful in amongst those tantrums.<br /><br />Glad you are feeling &#39;better&#39; this year too. :-)

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    Emma<br /><br />I can hear the tiredness in your voice. I have so much respect for woman doing this with more than one, often on their own and 24/7. I don&#39;t think I could, even though my own mother did.<br /><br />They do look happy with their new roadside find.<br /><br />Much happiness to yo and hoping for some good drying weather down your way.<br /><br />xxx<br />Jill

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    Hi Emma,<br /><br />Such a wonderful heartfelt post. Glad to hear the gastro didn&#39;t spread…it really is the worst feeling when one of the kids vomits and you know it&#39;s only a matter of time before it spreads through the entire family!<br /><br />My youngest son has been dreadful sleeper…mainly due to an enormous pair of tonsils that he had removed 10 days ago! He came down with

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    Oh Em, you really had a shocker, you poor darling. I am so impressed at your positive take on it ☺. Talk about a trooper! And I&#39;m so pleased life is treating you a bit easier now, my friend. J x

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    oh Emma, what can I say!! what a weekend you&#39;ve had.<br />good to hear that you are ok &amp; that the sunshine has helped with the outlook, the washing and the kids playing outside.<br /><br />you deserve a rest, a cuppa and maybe some cupcakes!<br /><br />just so you can laugh, Aidan threw up on me this week…yep, down the bra too!<br /><br />hope this week is a good one, and even if a few

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    Oh Emma! This post is so well written, it sounded like a classic case of Murphy&#39;s Law at your place last weekend. You poor thing. I actually really enjoyed reading this too, as so much of it I could relate to. I feel so grateful for being lucky enough to be a Mama, but it&#39;s a moment to moment kinda gig. Up one minute, down the next. Like yourself, I do try to look at the positives to come

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    Oh Emma, I&#39;m so thankful you linked up! I could really do with your grateful post as I cough and splutter and sneeze and realise I&#39;m out of tissues….It;s so hard to parent when things just seem to go from bad to worse, when there is no break in the cycle and you feel a little alone. I totally get that…what i think is amazing is your positive outlook, that spirit that gets you

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    Oh Emma – you are doing well to be grateful this week.<br />We too had the vomiting that (luckily) didn&#39;t spread!<br />And what a great Alice in Wonderland find – lucky you!

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    Oh. Cripes. Way back when, when I was putting crisp new sheets on a top bunk for the Very First Time I envisaged a scenario of a top bunk vomiter and a bottom bunk victim. Before we split the bunks again, two years later, every night this vision would flash before my eyes. One month after splitting the bunks the entire family suffered a spontaneous and severe bout of gastro. Even emptying buckets

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    I am grateful that you wrote this post and I can see that I&#39;m not the only one who has squabbling children who insist on eating from the pink plate and drinking from the pink cup.<br /><br />Sounds like a very full on weekend. Hope you&#39;re all still well.

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    Very well written post Emma.<br />And, what a weekend – great job getting through it. Motherhood sure has it&#39;s ups and downs, it helps me to know there are others out there that have struggled as well, so thankyou :)

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