Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dogs Tails…

Snail races!  

Yes, I need to do something about the snails in our garden, but in the meantime…

“Frogs & snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of…”

Someone just forgot to tell that to the girls in my house!

Linking in with Outdoor Play over here.

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    Oh Emma, I used to LOVE snails when I was little… though I did have 6 older brothers, so I enjoyed being a bit of a tomboy at times ;o)<br />I used to collect them in a big icecream container, filled with leaves and flowers… liked to make them feel at home ;o)<br />Problem was I&#39;d bring it inside unbeknownst to my poor Mama. Let&#39;s just say we had a &#39;snail break&#39; one day and

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    Thats a lot of snails!<br /><br />I haven&#39;t seen a snail in ages, our garden is to hot and dry for them.<br /><br />Oh and you won a giveaway over on my blog last night. Could you email me your postal address so I can get your book to you xx

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    I also used to love playing with snails. It&#39;s good to see kids still find them appealing! Max always has a snail pet or two on the go. I make him set them free after a day or so. We don&#39;t see too many of them around our place as the birds all gobble them up! x

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    These snails look a bit cute actually. The ones we have a huge and a bit yucky really but it never stops my youngest playing with them. It&#39;s nice to see little ones playing with them, I don&#39;t think I could though. x

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    I toss mine over the fence to the neighbours dog – is that bad??!!<br />We&#39;ve had lots of baby ones this year – they&#39;re very cute – slow though

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    What a sweet post! (Where&#39;s the pic of YOU holding the snails ;p )<br /><br />Thanks so much for linking this to the Outdoor Play Party! <br /><br />BTW, I just found this blog and thought of you, I think you&#39;d like it: <br /><br />Jane<br /> X

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    I cannot believe how big those things are! That is crazy. And what brave little kids that they have those climbing all over their hands and arms. That is wonderful. <br />Thanks so much for linking up with the Outdoor Play Link Up! Playing with insects in nature is awesome play that lots of teachers and moms could be reminded about. <br />Thanks!

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    I love snails – we always have them in class in the spring! Ours have even been know to have been taken for a walk in a pram! Thanks for joining the link up

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    snails are ace fun! <br />I was at the Dr&#39;s on Friday with my sick girl and while having her nebuliser another family came in and the siblings of the sick child bought their pet snails with them. Checking out the snails made having her neb way more fun!

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    These snails are amazing to me. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, a very dry, prairie place – and have never seen snails like these. How wonderful!!!<br />I just needed to visit here after seeing this great picture over at Kierna&#39;s blog.<br />Brenda

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    what great pictures. I love watching snails and have been introducing them to my son. He doesn&#39;t like holding them but he loves watching them and collecting empty snail shells. Great post.

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