MY ‘SUPER’ CREATIVE SPACE… is it a bird? Is it a plane?

This week ‘Super Frog’ and I have been creating an especially Froggy* superhero outfit for her upcoming 3rd birthday party.  The outfit was completely inspired by this vintage supergirl party and the photoshoot idea from this vintage pink party.

- I used this pattern for the mask and used felt with fabric sewn over the top.
- For the armbands, I cut the toes off a pair of Frog’s socks with an extra slit on the side for her thumb.
- For the belt I used an elastic headband which amazingly was the perfect size for her waist and used felt & fabric again for the heart and letter ‘A’.
- Frog’s ever favourite superhero cape was made by her Aunty Lou who used this free pattern.

 Frog’s favourite thing at the moment is to dress up as a superhero and run around the house with her fist out in front of her.   

If someone dares tell her that she is ‘gorgeous’, ‘adorable’, ‘cute’ or any other form of endearment, they are promptly corrected with – “No I’m not, I’m super!”

 Frog has worn a superman costume to bed as pyjamas almost every night for at least 6 months and now she wears this one (minus the cape & mask). 

Frog’s favourite color is pink.  She is one of those children who refuses to eat or drink out of any bowl, plate or cup that is not pink.  It’s just one of those battles we’ve decided we’re OK with avoiding.  She chooses her own clothes (I wouldn’t dare!) and the outfits are inevitably pink.**

So we did not have much trouble at all coming up with a theme for her 3rd birthday party!  
Pink Superhero it is!

We had so much fun taking these photos for her party invitations.  A simple photo shoot in the backyard – an old doona cover*** hanging from the clothesline with an old wooden box and a piece of wood I found behind the shed that I quickly painted with chalkboard paint. 

Even her friends the chickens had to be a part of it!  
She put a pink cup of tea out for them especially!

  I took far too many and now I can’t choose which ones to use for the invitation!

 Frog kept asking to draw on the chalk board and when I finally let her, she drew the cutest superhero I’ve ever seen, or is that a ‘super’ superhero?

Joining in today with our creative spaces.

* Her real name is obviously not Frog, or she would have an F on her belt.
** This fascinates me!  Her older sister could not care less about color, or what she wore.
*** This doona cover was my first doona when I was a girl.  How vintagely cool is it now?!  Nicely ironed too you’ll notice ;) – we don’t go toooooo overboard!
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  1. says

    She is adorable:) I love the photos Emma, she is such a little character:) I'm loving them all and Aunty Lou is very clever making her outfit. I think the photo with her chookie friends is a good one. x

  2. says

    Oh she is &#39;SUPER&#39; alright, my goodness you have a beautiful beautiful little superhero lady there Emma! I LOVE these photos and I can see how you&#39;ll have a devil of a job trying to choose just one for the invite… maybe a montage of all of them on the invite is in order :o)<br />My personal faves are number 5 and the last one, precious! <br />Can&#39;t wait to see the pics from this

  3. says

    OMG!!! How gorgeous is that girl!! I loved looking at those photos. She&#39;s such a sport too for posing all those great ways. You&#39;ve made my day (&#39;cos I&#39;ve had a crap one)<br /><br />I&#39;ve said this before but I&#39;m saying it again – you&#39;re an awesome mum:)

  4. says

    I have a pink lover too – no idea where she got it from!<br /><br />That is the cutest super hero I have ever seen in my life. Ooops, I mean the super-est super hero I have ever seen in my life!

  5. Anonymous says

    She&#39;s adorable, gorgeous AND super! I can&#39;t believe she&#39;s 3 already, way too long since i&#39;ve seen you all. Love the montage idea!<br />Kate R. xxx

  6. says

    What a great sequence of shots Emma. Good luck deciding wich one to choose, they are all very cute – woops, a super hero probably would not like me to say that. It&#39;s funny – the little heart is dropping down lower anlower in each pic.<br />I have also tagged you for one of those 10 things about yourself :)<br />Jacqueline

  7. says

    Fabulous shots and outfit! I love the slowly slipping &#39;A&#39; as well! You can choose some for the invite, but you should have the lot on a board at the party. I think you&#39;ve got yourself a game there too!

  8. says

    What a fun invitation! Our Princess Pea is also VERY particular about clothes and colours. I just wish I had read this before 11pm tonight as I&#39;m supposed to be a superhero for the Halloween carnival at school tomorrow – great costume ideas!

  9. says

    aw, she &amp; her costume are adorable :)<br /><br />(one of my younger brothers went through a phase of wearing a superman outfit – mum had to sneak it away from him to wash it!)

  10. says

    this is just wayyyyyyy too cute!! I&#39;m loving all the pictures and what you made for her are just adorable (or should i say SUPER!) My daughter is so similar…she choices her own outfits (although there are many many changes throughout the day) and she loves pink. My son on the other hand would not care less. Now, i think you should use a few photos for the invite, in like a photo booth

  11. says

    Wow, so many amazing and funny photos, you will have a hard time choosing which ones to use :)<br />I love your gorgeous pink superhero frog – she is SOOOOO super!<br />I also have a pink obsessed little girl, but at 5 years old she is finally allowing a few other colours into her world (mainly red and purple) but that is a start.

  12. Anonymous says

    Oh em these are toogorgeous for words and I can&#39;t get over how grown up she is. She is SUCH a little you although I can see Lou in there too. Lovely! Oh and I remember that doona cover!<br />AMD

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