- for wonderful playgroup friends (they really are the best group of Mums!) who put together a fantastic birthday gift that was so ‘me’!  Homegrown roses & vege seedlings and a handmade felt pouch containing a collection of tried & true recipes from each of them.  

- for Mr FGB being home on a Saturday and making the best pancakes ever!* for breakfast.

- for regular craft nights with friends, sweet treats, a glass of wine and great conversation.

- for three gorgeous kids who don’t mind their Mum taking thousands of photos of them with her new camera!



and Bear.

- I was grateful this week that when our washing machine decided to die it was within one month of warranty and that they will replace it with an upgraded model.  Although not so grateful that it will take 2-3 weeks(!?!), I am grateful for kind friends who have offered to do a load for me in the meantime.  

- I was not so grateful to discover that someone** had put a disposable nappy in that very last load which had released millions of jellylike crystals throughout the entire load!  With no machine, I decided to hang it out anyway and deal with it later.  To my surprise, I was extremely grateful at the end of the day to discover the sun had worked it’s magic and completely evaporated the jelly – what an absolute gift!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Joining in once again with Maxabella’s gratefuls.

* let me know if you’d like the recipe.
** last time I’ll be using child labour in that department!  I should add that the nappy was unused.

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  1. says

    Happy birthday & what a lovely world you are surrounded by. Your blondies are so cute, growing fast, look at those deep blue eyes, some woman is going to steel that son of yours away from you one day. I do not plan on being the perfect mother-in-law when another woman takes my son away from me, pretty sure i'll say straight up she's ruining my life. My girls, i know they'll

  2. says

    Happy Birthday Emma! What a wonderful gift from the playgroup Mums! Lucky you.<br /><br />I did the disposable nappy in the washing trick last week! We hardly use disposables so I have no idea how it ended up in the wash… the sun was my saviour too!

  3. says

    Oh just look at those beautiful children, no wonder you are taking thousands of photos… don&#39;t worry, I&#39;m guilty of that myself, my poor boys are either going to hate photos or become two of the biggest posers the world has seen ;o)<br />Those gifts are so precious, the little pouch with the recipe collection is so touching, what a gorgeous thought.<br />So that&#39;s what happens to a

  4. says

    What a great gift from your playgroup friends. Lovely.<br /><br />… and oh bugger that the washing machine broke (one of my greatest nightmares) and YAY for friends again who are giving you a hand. Wonderful.

  5. says

    Oh my – what a mixed bag of gratefuls this week. So glad you didn&#39;t have to pay for a new washing machine – but how to live without one for 3 weeks!<br /><br />Happy birthday Emma – you sure sound like you were spoilt rotten. You deserve it!

  6. says

    Aw, what a lovely birthday present from your friends! (And happy birthday!)<br /><br />I&#39;d be grateful too about the washing machine; lucky duck…. well, not on the breaking or the waiting, but a new machine… woo!<br /><br />And lastly, I had the nappy thing happen here too lately… ugh! I re-washed &amp; still had globs everywhere lol. <br /><br />Lots to be grateful for. :)

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