This Saturday I’m grateful for…

- Birthdays.  I love feeling special for a day and being allowed to make it all about you!  Can’t believe it’s been a year already!

- New cameras!  Best birthday present ever from Mr FGB & the kids!  Although maybe the squashed toilet roll covered in sequins made especially for me by 2 year old Frog, all on her own, might just rival the camera in the present stakes…

- Rare photos of me with all 3 children (even if one was covered in hours old face paint).  We must remember to take more of those – so important!

- Mothers.  Mine has just returned from 3 months in Rwanda.  You can read about her travels here.  So grateful to have her back.  We missed her very much.

- Weekends away.  Staying at Mum’s this weekend in her gorgeous old home in Heathcote that still hasn’t sold.  If you are interested in a tree change check out this post.

- Festivals, sunshine & family.  Heathcote Food & Wine Festival today with sister Lou & her kids was lots of fun!

Being grateful today & joining in with Maxabella.

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  1. says

    Oh, happy birthday, Em! It's gorgeous to see a photo of you, finally. And yes, getting us mums of 3 in the photo is so hard to remember to do, somehow. I'm also working on that one! J x

  2. says

    Happy birthday darling Em!!!! Yipppeee! What a lovely photo of you and your three little crazies. You are all adorable.<br /><br />Why am I not surprised to hear that you have a super cool, globetrotting mumma back from Rwanda of all places! I will definitely pop in as soon as I can to read about her travels. x

  3. says

    Oh Happy Birthday gorgeous Emma! What a beautiful shot of you with your precious trio. I really enjoyed this post, full of so much loveliness. Hope you&#39;re making the most of that snazzy new camera :o) xo

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