Last week at MOPS* we made brooches. 
Here’s my attempt.  Still not sure if I like mine or not.
Very simple though when made with a hot glue gun (my new favourite crafting tool!) Being fun and easy made it the perfect activity for MOPS.  Roughly cut felt and fabric circles, add a button and a brooch pin and stick them all together with a hot glue gun.  You could also add them to a headband instead of a brooch if you were feeling inclined.
I have been collecting ideas for quick and simple crafts to make with the MOPS Mums one day over here on Pinterest.**  Any ideas to add?

For more crafting inspiration head over here to the ever inspirational collective of creative types over at our creative space.

*MOPS – Mothers Of Pre Schoolers – a lovely nurturing group who meet once a fortnight at our church giving time out and bit of rejuvenation to worn out Mums like me!
** I LOVE pinterest.  Could spend all day there!  Are you on Pinterest?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll check out your space.

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    I love Pinterest! Could spend hours there just pining away!<br /><br />Hot glue guns are just the best aren&#39;t they? <br /><br />I love your brooches! Hopefully they grow on you xx

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    Thanks for the link to your Pinterest. I will stalk you there for sure :-) I don&#39;t have a space (not really a visual person as you may have guessed?), but I do love looking at other people&#39;s things. I love your brooches. A splash of colour and unique to boot x

  3. says

    Really cute idea. I am just starting to get into Pinterest. <br />I love my glue gun, but my favourite new toy is a staple gun! Lots of fun, and a wee bit scary too! I&#39;ve been trying to make a present for Frog – I&#39;ll tell you more later…<br />xx

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    i like the brooches! i think i would sew the layers together in the end though, just through the buttonholes. over to check out your pinterest board!

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    These are so cute, like Sylvia, I would also add some running stitches through the layers. I like the green and yellow one especially. Mops sounds like a great group to be part of and yes Pinterest is addictive though I don&#39;t pin much but love to look at what others pin.

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    very cute! I made some like these ages ago so simple yet affective.and a great project with kids {note to self must do this with mine!}<br />love them all but really love the yellow and green one i love the retroness {even a word ??} of it very groovy.<br />hugs<br />xo

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