PRINTABLE CHRISTMAS… nativity style!

Sometimes I find it easy to loose sight of why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

Here is a list of printables that I have come across that highlight the very first Christmas.  I think it’s great for the kids to know the history and significance of why we do things and how traditions come about.  

Cute little printable nativity dolls (above)
you can print on magnetic paper and use on fridge or as a car activity on a metal tray

Anna’s cute printable angels
to use as bookmarks, gift tags or Christmas tree decos

Nativity Christmas Tree Decos

‘Silent Night’ Printable Collection 
inc. menu, gift tags, invites, table decor, gift boxes & more

Print & build a Nativity Scene hereherehere & here

Nativity Scene Kids Activity
with Paddle Pop Sticks & free printable

Nativity Finger Puppets

Not a printable, but check out this edible baby Jesus you could make with your kids or this edible nativity scene!

For the Printable Christmas List that I compiled last year (not just nativity), which will still be relevant, head over here. They’re perfect for a last minute spruce up of a gift or a table or a tree without having to head to the shops.

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  1. says

    I'm going to for my ay through these when I get a quiet moment. I've already used Anna's angels as you know and need more for assorted gifts and decorations…the possibilities are endless!

  2. says

    Hi emma- Audrey &amp; I did just this one yesterday- it is truly gorgeous- she loved making a collage of the nativity scene…<br /><br />Thanks for the link to some other wonderful Christmas ideas…<br /><br />Melissa {Miss Sew &amp; So}<br />x

  3. says

    How sweet this is!<br /><br />And merry Christmas to you, Emma. It&#39;s been a delight getting to know you via our respective blogs. I look forward to many more &#39;chats&#39; in 2012. x

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