Now that the gifts for teachers, classmates & neighbours, kriskringles & ‘plates’ for 1001 Christmas parties, breakups & end of year celebrations are (almost) done and dusted and kinder, playgroup, swimming lessons, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. are all over for the year, I can finally start doing the Christmas shopping…we’ve still got another 5 days haven’t we?!

I love all of the craft at Christmas – there are so many reasons to get crafty!

Along with many in blogland, reindeer food for kinder friends and Reindeer noses for school friends are all made and delivered.  Head here for last year’s reindeer food.  This year, I used this free printable for the reindeer food (there’s other cute ones here & here) and this printable for the reindeer noses.  You could use some gorgeous free ones here & here.  

Now I’m off to make cupcakes for Goose’s class Christmas party tomorrow.  Don’t you love it when the teacher sends a note home with all of the food they would like at the party with it already allocated.  Everyone else gets the ‘packet of chips’, ‘popcorn’, ‘dip & biscuits’ and I get ‘small cakes’.  Actually, I do love it!  Any excuse. I’d much rather be making cupcakes than folding the ever rotating gigantic pile of washing!

Do you go crazy with Christmas craft, like me? 

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    Right. I'm making reindeer noses for the family you never know if you're supposed to get something for that we'll see at my Gran's for xmas dinner. PERFECTION.

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    I so relate to your first paragraph. By golly it&#39;s a marathon to the end of December isn&#39;t it? Except that I did all my shopping on line in November this year so it&#39;s all just waiting for the great evening of wrapping! <br /><br />And how much do I adore those reindeer noses. Just. Too. Cute.

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    Haha, that&#39;s what happens when you become too good at something Emma… everyone automatically nominates you to do that task. I think it&#39;s quite the compliment that they want your cakes… would love to see your finished products if you get the chance :o) xo

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    I&#39;m loving your suggestions for Christmas Cooking. I&#39;m not so great on the craft stuff, but LOVE a good Christmas Bake so Thank You for new ideas.<br />Very cute pics of kids in the kitchen, that&#39;s often where I find mine.

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    How cute are the reindeer noses!! Feeling very slack now that I just bought candy canes.<br />I am meant to be cleaning today (was meant to be doing food shopping but annabella is sick), but instead I have been making a gingerbread house. Does that count as christmas baking and christmas craft in one?<br />xx

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    I love your Christmas craft. Next year I&#39;ll have to remember those reindeer noises, much cuter and nicer than all the candy canes the girls got. I hope the week has gone well. x

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    Hi gorgeous! Thanks for reposting the link to this post. I am about to make my class gifts and these printables are a lifesaver!I forgot Bron did this last year. x

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