Every year on Goose’s birthday the temperature is always around 35-39 degrees celcius*… which is pretty hot!  So this year, instead of fighting it, we thought we’d just embrace it with lots of icecream and lots of water based fun!

As per usual I’ll share this party with you in a few posts.  

Food first.

The food for this party was very simple & basic.  The party was held in the afternoon at 2pm, so no main meal was required and the weather was so hot that I didn’t need to bother with hot food.  We had the usual party type fare of popcorn, chips, watermelon, strawberries, dip & biscuits/carrot/celery and on top of that we added a few fun ice-cream themed treats… 

Chocolate Icecream cupcakes.  
Chocolate muffins cooked right in the cones.

Icecream shaped fairy bread.  
Fairly obvious, but the ‘cone’ was made from rye bread and chocolate sprinkles and the ‘icecream’ with white bread, a scone cutter and rainbow sprinkles.

To Drink:
Water bottles – covered in printable icecream paper from here.
Spiders (AKA icecream soda)- umbrellas & straws always add a bit of fun.

We also had delicious and totally healthy pure fruit icecreams made from frozen fruit (mango, banana, rasberries, pineapple & strawberries) in Granny’s juicer.

After lots of water games it was time for some icecream!  I had shown Goose a few cake ideas that I’d found via pinterest and this gorgeous icecream cake over at One Charming Party blog was her favourite.

To make the cake, I softened a 4 litre tub of vanilla icecream and squished it into a large springform pan that was lined with a plastic bag and popped it back in the freezer.  Then I removed the icecream from the pan mould,  popped it onto a round cake board and smoothed the edges.  For the top I used, another dollop of icecream, lots of ice magica waffle cone and some sprinkles on the top. 

Tip #1 – don’t take too long on this part (like I did) as it melts very quickly on a hot day & icecream starts poking through the layers of hard choc and you have to re-choc! 
Tip #2 – don’t cover the entire top of the cake with ice magic as candles stick more easily into icecream!

The fantastic editable & free icecream parlour printables that I used can be found here.

The icecream cake was served in icecream cups with wooden spoons or waffle cones dipped in chocolate, sprinkles & nuts.

and a multitude of toppings…

For more icecream party pics & details stay tuned!

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* that’s around 100 degrees faranheit folks.

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  1. says

    Love your party posts Emma, no better way to brighten this little Mama's day. This icecream theme just blew me away, it looked AMAZING. That fairy bread idea is golden, I can't promise I won't be loaning that one in the future… and I thought I was so inventive with my Valentine's inspired fairy bread that I just posted about this evening. Thanks for making me smile today xo

  2. Anonymous says

    Lovely party. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the icecream cups from (i'm also in Melbourne). They are very nice.


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