With the hot, hot weather in Melbourne this weekend and bananas back to an affordable price, we’ve made some quick and easy banana pops!

Simply peel bananas, chop in half, stick in a paddlepop stick and pop it in the freezer for a few hours.  

A perfectly healthy summer treat!  
This same method also works very well with large strawberries – 2 or 3 to a stick.  
I’m sure it would work well with a multitude of fruits!

As with most of the ideas on this blog – this one came from my Mum.  She always has a box of these in the freezer at her house for when the kids come to stay.  Thanks Mum!  ;)
I have also seen something similar on ‘playschool’ with the bananas dipped in honey and then rolled in coconut which might well be worth a try also!

What do you do on summer days when it’s very, very hot?
I think we might just have to get the black plastic out again…

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  1. says

    Fab idea! We are lucky to have two bunches of bananas on our trees at the moment so this will be a grea way to use up the surplus! Water play is the way to go here to keep cool. Wishing you a lovely rest of your week :) x

  2. says

    Another banana idea! Seems they are everywhere at present. We make banana smoothies most days and make extra to freeze in icy pole moulds. We've also tried banana "ice cream" which is really just frozen banana pieces whizzed in a processor (with and without cocoa). The kids loved it. Your idea involves much less cleaning, which is a plus.

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