Elegant Easter Eggs

You might remember that last year there was a little Japanese fad going on at our house… and that when I came across this idea I had to give it a try.  A year on, I still have a love for Japanese origami paper.  As my recent bunting cards may attest.

 I ended up only making one egg last year, the sparkly blue one in the photos (I’d accidentally purchased glitter modpodge) and it is still in good condition a year on.*  

You can find the full instructions on how to make them over here.  
Mine were more of a slapdash kind of job, not quite as fiddly as Martha suggests, but I think they still turned out quite well.  Origami paper works well for this project because it works best with thin paper.  We might end up doing them for the MOPS craft this week.

These eggs are fun for the kids to try as well.  
Frog was very proud of this one that she & I made below!

Joining in today with Jodie, the Haby Goddess in her new Make-Grow-Thrift linky.

Do you do easter crafts?  I love any excuse really – adds to the magic maybe…

* the eggs were blown so they’ll last for a long time – as long as you don’t drop them!

P.S.  I just had to include this dodgy little photo taken a year ago of Goose & Frog blowing some eggs.  
Gorgeous kids – they grow up too fast!

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  1. says

    your kids are gorgeous and i love the eggs. we have some easter crafting going on this weekend. i know penny will be all kinds of excited. the origami paper you have is so bright and cheery. very nice. xo.

  2. says

    they are a great idea Emma! I need to help Amelie make an easter bonnet for this Friday.<br />she wants feathers &amp; bunnies…fingers crossed for this one!<br />♥

  3. says

    These are really special. I&#39;m not &#39;doing&#39; Easter. It&#39;s my kick-back and eat chocolate holiday. I&#39;ll be off down to Darrell Lea to stock up or the bunny! x

  4. says

    Oh this is adorable… Your kids blowing the eggs is so cute. I reckon my daughter would suck it up!!! Love the paper and how nice would they be to hang up on some autumn branches….so martha!!! B xx

  5. says

    Oh they&#39;re absolutely beautiful Emma… the eggs and your girls! I always plan to do something a bit special and crafty at Easter, but as yet, have not done so. Maybe this year!? xo

  6. says

    These eggs are definitely elegant and very sweet. I can imagine them sitting in a bowl at the table over Easter. They do grow up way too fast don&#39;t they:(. x

  7. says

    They tured out beautifully. :)<br />I remember how challenging it was to blow eggs… I&#39;ve decided that blowing up balloons while pregnant is hard enough, so I stick with the stitched kind for this year… maybe next year I&#39;ll try the mod podge. :)

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