My Creative Space… bringing back the 80′s!

When I was in high school I loved scrunchies.  I remember making scrunchie upon scrunchie on my mothers sewing machine using her fabric scraps.  They were cool once and I have been itching to make some more for ages and give them a come back!

 I don’t think I’m the first. I have seen them around.  When I eventually got around to making them, I was surprised how much the girls loved them.  Goose was wearing hers every day to school and refusing to wear anything else, so I thought I’d make one to match her school uniform!

I found a second-hand dress at the school uniform shop for only $2 and used it to make a scrunchie and some fabric covered hairties.
 As you can see in this pic, in true 80′s style Goose is wearing her ponytail on the side as well!  

These would make another great handmade gift for girls
If you’d like me to write up a tutorial, let me know.
Do you find the comeback of 80′s fashion a little disturbing?  
Or are you embracing it?

Joining in again this week with our creative space – an inspiring collection of creativeness.

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    Sucn a good idea Em, especially in school uniform colours! I totally loved my colelction of scrunchies when i was going up and i rocked the side pony on multiple occasions!

  2. says

    I loved scrunchies and did mourn thier uncoolness.<br />Remeber the Sex and The City scene where Carrie picked out the non-New Yorker becasue she was wearing a scrunchie ???<br /><br />Glad they are making a come back.

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    I have been making scrunchies too! My daughter loves them. I did go looking for a tutorial for them, even though they are super easy, so yes, would love to see your way of doing them (your look skinnier than mine!)

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    Nooooooo, not scrunchies! <br />I find this 80s stuff quite hard to deal with – now I understand why my elders laughed when I took to wearing 60s and 70s kit.<br />I actually stopped by today because I had a dream last night that you had written a book and it was SO cool. Can you? Go on, please?

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    Funny you should post this today…..I just yesterday found an old scrunchie and had a quiet chuckle as I put it in my hair! I love those hair elastics…..perhaps a post??!!

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    Gorgeous Emma! I used to LOVE my scrunchies, my Mama made me plenty of them. These days they would do nothing to hold my wild locks in unfortunately. But I do love your creations, so pretty. Thanks for a trip down memory lane xo

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    I was such a big fan of scrunchies at school – smiled all the way through this post remembering how many I managed to collect and obsess over!<br /><br />Another 80&#39;s fad that I&#39;ve seen around a lot lately is leg warmers – but they&#39;re being made from the most gorgeous wools and crafted from intricate and quite beautiful patterns. I wonder if I&#39;ll be brave enough to give them a go

  8. says

    I loved my scrunchies and made a few myself long, long ago;) Your idea to buy an old uniform and make some in the school colours is a great idea, you might have other Mum&#39;s asking you to make some for their girls:) x

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