And even more easter eggs…

It’s become a tradition over the last four years for us to make these cute little birds nests each Easter. 
They are lots of fun & easy for kids to make. 

For the recipe head over to last year’s post.

I gave Red Tulip’s ‘Birds Eggs’ a try this year, as well as the usual jelly beans.  I think they look rather cute and they taste delicious!!  They’d look great with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs too.  Here’s a tutorial on how to make larger easter nest baskets using small foil wrapped eggs.

They make for another cute little easter gift too.  
However, I must warn you that they are made with peanut butter, so you’d have to make sure that the gift recipient had no allergies.  For this reason I had a try this year at making some with gluten free noodles & a peanut butter substitute.  Unfortunately it just tasted awful – sorry!  

If you’re looking for more simple & easy recipes, that look great without much effort, then you might like to check out FGB’s easy peasy recipes page.  Or for more Easter crafts, FGB’s kids crafts page.

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    The nests look very cute, especially with the little eggs. We used to make the chocolate spiders as kids. It seems like a looong time ago now.

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    You&#39;ve done it again ! These are great, and I loved them so much, I made some tonight.<br />Thanks for stopping by my blog – you are right, laughter is the very best medicine and at the moment I am soaking it all up.<br />Enjoy your Easter break, Dee x

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