Mini Aussie S’mores

Ever since tasting my first S’more in Cranberry, Pennsylvania, USA 17 years ago I have been lamenting the lack of the Australian equivalent.  However, it seems that all this time I have been living unaware that there actually was one!

After being introduced to the answer a few weeks ago, I was keen to try it out on our Easter camping weekend.  

Instead of the American Graham Crackers, here in Australia Arnott’s Chocolate Wheatens or McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives serve the same delicious purpose.  After coming across some bags of mini chocolate digestives in the supermarket, I thought it would be fun to make a mini bite sized version of the classic camping treat using mini marshmallows!

Place 2 mini marshmallows onto the perfect marshmallow stick that you have scavenged somewhere on the ground* and cook them to your liking in the coals** of a campfire.

Place a mini chocolate wheaten on your lap***, chocolate side up.  Then place your marshmallows, still on the stick, on top.  Then on top of your marshmallows, still on the stick, place another mini chocolate wheaten, chocolate side down.

Slide your marshmallow stick out, leaving the marshmallow behind so that you have a delicious marshmallowy, chocolatey biscuit sandwich.

Indulge in the mini bite sized moreish treat!

Of course we also made the other classic campfire dessert choc bananas wrapped in foil.  I think we might be adding Aussie S’mores to the camping repertoire from now on!

Do you have a favourite camping treat?

who knows where it’s been?!
** coals really are the best for cooking marshmallows.  I’m sure you’re all aware of this.  There are those who do like a charred marshmallow, I am not one of them.
*** Also filthy from a days worth of chocolate and fun outdoors with children.
I was always taught that a bit of dirt is good for the immune system…..although this recipe would no doubt work deliciously well, and more hygenically on a gas stove.

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  1. says

    These sound yummy. I've never tried a smore but have seen them around on lots of blogs and wasn't sure how to make the aussie version. Looks like lots of fun was had camping I can tell from all the dirt;) a good sign:) x

  2. says

    Ooh, we made s'mores too, on our recent camping trip! I remembered them from working summer camp in Minnesota, yum. This time we used arnotts milk coffee biscuits instead of graham crackers, we snapped the biscuit in half, put a chocolate button on it, top with your marshmallow and the other half of the biscuit. But, I like your idea better, must keep a look out for those mini choc digestives.

  3. says

    I'd heard of s'mores but never tried them. I love chocolate wheatens on their own but I'm sure they'd be even better with some melted marshmallow. Yum.

  4. says

    our neighbours are american and we heard them making smores out in the backyard a few months back….so i had to ask the mum how she did it!!! I&#39;ll have to try it next i have marshmallows AND delicious chocky digestives in the house!!!! I reckon they would taste delicious with a bit of camping dirt thrown in for good measure<br /><br />xx

  5. says

    I will have to try these at my next camping trip! My American friend got some of the &#39;real thing&#39; ingredients flown over from the US so we have indulged the last two trips. Talk about fabbo! I will have to see if these Aussie versions will fit the bill :-) xx

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