Some more egg decorating…

For some reason this year, I’ve got right into the whole easter craft thing!  We normally do one or two easter craft activities, but this year I can’t seem to stop!  It is most likely due to getting so much wonderful inspiration from fellow bloggers!

 Along with the fact that my children are getting older.  I no longer have babies, but children who are interested in, & capable (ish) of crafting along with me – with the exception of Bear.  “I’m not into craft, Mum” he often tells me.  His artwork folder at kinder is usually empty.  However, every now and then he ventures out of his ‘no craft’ box and surprises me.  

Last week when Bear and I were the only ones at home and I was preparing the MOPS craft for the week he was really keen on joining in.  It might have been about him wanting to experiment with colour & eggs, but it also might have been about spending some quality time with Mum which is sometimes hard to come by with this gentle & mild middle child who resides between two boisterous & defiant sisters.

We blew our eggs & used this simple dying technique.  We made these patterns using double sided tape (the stripes) & white crayon (the dots & words).  I saw today some gorgeous vintage lace eggs that I’d love to try next.  Egg dying is an Easter tradition in many households.  Is egg dying an Easter tradition at your house?

If you’re interested you’ll find more easter crafts over at the FGB kids craft page & even more over here on Red Ted’s Art collection of Easter crafts.

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    Okay okay! Your enthusiasm is infectious! I haven't been very excited about Easter (perhaps something to do with the fact that i don't eat chocolate?) but you're getting me inspired to get the kids having some crafty fun!

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    They look gorgeous Emma! Bit reluctant to do with my boys given Will's allergic to eggs : ( but the Easter Hot Chocolate would be right up his alley! We're also getting away for a break soon but glamping in a cabin – you guys sound pretty hardcore!

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    Gosh you are clever, what fun things to do with the kids! I have memories of doing this as a kid but they never looked as stylish as yours.

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    Go you! The love egg is so pretty!<br /><br />I&#39;m the opposite this year, never really been a huge easter person but always got into it with the kids at school. This year it seems like just another weekend. I haven&#39;t even really bought any eggs!

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    Great colours! We had a go using rubber bands and stickers to make the patterns, with mixed results. I think I&#39;ll keep it simpler next time – just stripes and dots.

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    I love the colours you&#39;ve used creating your bowl of easter eggs:) It&#39;s nice to have some time just with one child and not having that competition around from other siblings. x

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