A Fireman Party

A few weeks ago, my adorable nephew turned 4 years old and celebrated with the best fireman party ever!
Popcorn cones
Water bottles

Red velvet & chocolate cupcakes made by the highly talented Cathie, who was also responsible for the amazing cupcakes at Ebony’s farm party.  

I love how she did the strawberries!

Firetruck cake meticulously decorated, once again, by the birthday boy’s father.
Pin the hat on the fireman
Fireman tattoos

 but the absolute highlight of the party was a real fire engine that came and took the kids for a ride around the local streets. 

Very well set up and the kids LOVED it!
Purely set up for parties – even a photo booth in the back!

These gorgeous vintage firetruck printables used throughout the party, along with the invitations, were purchased from here.
A very happy little fireman!
For more kids party ideas, you might like a squiz at these.

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  1. says

    Um, that totally looks like the best fireman party EVER! All the beautiful details with the food and favours looks just amazing. And the fire truck, well, bless those fireys… they are always so lovely when it comes to letting the kids check out the truck and how everything works. Gorgeous photos, thanks so much for sharing these special memories Emma xo

  2. says

    Looks like such a fun birthday party and I can see how much effort went into putting it all together with all of those extra detail that go with the theme. Looks like the birthday boy had a fun time celebrating:)

  3. says

    Oh Emma, this party is the BOMB! I think I might even do a fireman party for our next party. What a fabulous idea. Those cupcakes and the birthday cake are so awesome! What a clever family you have!<br /><br />xx

  4. says

    So fabulous! Was this Mel&#39;s boy? It has a Mel feel to it… I love the strawberries too. Very clever.<br /><br />The real fire truck rocking up would have made me wet my pants if I was five. Sooooooo exciting!!! x

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