What should I do with my hundreds & thousands of sweet & ripe mini mandarines that are growing on the two trees in our front yard?  

Do you have any recipes to share?  I can’t think of a single one, so we’ve been eating them by the bucket load and giving away bags full every day.  Hundreds remain.

Do you say mandarines (man-dah-reen) or mandarin (man-dah-rin)?  Is it an Aussie thing or a state thing?  Or am I in the minority having called them mandarines for my whole life?

After typing it in the latter way, it seems there are quite a few out there after all that might be worth a try!

*That last pic is of the most recent fairy garden 

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    I've always called them "man-duh-rins" and my parents are from Switzerland and England, although we moved to the States when I was a child. Don't supposed you could mail a few bags to us in Oregon? Our Monkey Boy loves them, whichever way they're pronounces ;-)

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    Annie, I&#39;m not sure on the variety as the trees came with the house, but it must be a mini one as they are quite small and look a lot like cumquats. I remember the silent mandarin cake that Anna drew pics for – thanks for the reminder. I&#39;ll go and hunt it down!<br />MIHM – if you lived close by, I&#39;d be handing a large bag over for sure!

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    What beautiful images Emma. We love our mandarins around here and they&#39;re so yummy at this time of year. But you know what, I cannot think of a recipe using them either. Now I&#39;m curious to find one.<br />xo

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    Hmm… I&#39;m not sure how I was brought up to say it, I&#39;ll ask my mum – she&#39;s a pronunciation nazi. <br />The page you linked to has some mandarin curd tarts that look pretty yum! <br />x S.

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    There&#39;s a Nigella recipe out there somewhere that uses mandarins in something similar to a flourless orange cake. I cant remember which of her books its in though! You bake it and I&#39;ll come over and taste test it for you!

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    I say mander-een too and so do most people I know over here in WA. Recipe-wise I am at a blank apart from marmalade. Kate at Foxes Lane put a photo of her manderine marmalde up on instagram and I thought of you, she might have the recipe on her blog?

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